Definately time for a drink (open)

Addison played with the idea of just going back to the domicile and soothing frazled nerves with some wine until he got the gumption to go speak with simon. That lasted as long as it took to get into the elevator. Once there, he automatically hit the parking lot level and found himself inside his little suv. Once behind the wheel, Addison took off his jacket, untucked the shirt and loosened the tie. Instead of the ride back to his own townhouse, he found himself in front of the fancy hotel he'd eaten dinner at with Nic. did have a bar...a nice one at that. Addison passed the keys off to the valet and headed straight there, finding a quiet corner of the bar and ordered a large southern comfort manhattan. He ignored a woman nearby who tried to catch his eye, rifling through his pockeet for his cell phone. He needed to talk to someone...a friend...and damnit...he'd never gotten that one woman...shay's last name, let alone phone number. And...that left Nic...outside of his coworker friends.

Before he could change his mind, Addison dialed Nic's number and took a sip of his drink while he listened to the ringing. Just when he thought he'd have to leave a voice mail, someone picked up.

"Hey...It's Addison."

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Addison 18 years ago
"Addison! Man, hey! It's really...great to hear from you."

Addison closed his eyes as he heard Nic's baritone over the little device held up to his ear. He silently echoed that sentiment. He really needed someone to just be with and while he could have called a vamp from the clan, like Jan or Absinthe to meet him...they were still in their meeting.

"Hey, really...I've...sorta missed you. I'm really sorry I didn't get back with you sooner...there's just been I kinda got messed up in. I'd sure like to talk to you though...I need to tell you some things."

"I've missed you too," the red head said softly, barely more than a whisper...and most likely not even picked up over the line.

"So...where are you, little buddy?"

"I'm down at the Piazza...the bar. Something's happened...and...well...I'd like someone to talk to. Can you meet me here?" He took another sip of his drink and coughed at the slow burn down the wrong tube.
Nicholae 18 years ago
The cab pulled up, and stopped, just as Nic made it to the corner. He knew he could have made it to the hotel on his own, but didn't want to take the time, especially since he'd be skulking about the whole way.

"Grand Piazza, please...and the faster the better."

The cabbie gave Nic a once over, and grunted as he pulled away from the corner. Nic wasn't sure what exactly that meant, but he tossed a twenty up on the front seat, to show he meant business. That seemed to do the trick, and the taxi took off about thirty miles an hour faster.

When he got to the hotel, Nic added another twenty to the fare, and thought nothing further about anything but getting to the bar. He had kept an eye out the entire ride from Liefde, and checked the parking lot, and lobby as he entered each.

As soon as he saw the bar, he recognized Addison forgetting that red hair, he thought, and smiled. Sneaking up behind the guy, who seemed totally absorbed in his drink, Nic put his hands on his shoulders, and gave the guy a squeeze. He had lowered his mouth to just beside Addison's ear, and whispered...

"Hey Addison...what's up?"

One arm slid around the front of Addison's neck, and Nic hugged him, before taking the seat nearest seat at the bar. His complete attention, and gaze was focused on Addison now.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison let out the breath he didn't know he was holding when Nic said he would come. He fairly expected him to turn the offer down flat, but was rather pleased when the outcome was opposite of that assumption. The red head managed to get out a "see you then..." before the line disconnected.

He stared at the cell phone in his hand and then down to the glass that now held only ice and a cherry. Oops. Addison pulled out the little plastic sword and ordered a new drink, quickly devouting the fruit.

And when, a mere few moments later, he felt someone's hands on his shoulders - startling him out of his reverie, his mind automatically thought it might be that woman who'd given him the interested look earlier.

"Hey Addison...what's up?"

'Nic...' "Hey..." He brought his own hands up to clasp the arms around him, keeping him there for a moment longer, a small smile playing around Addison's lips.[/i] "You're a sight for sore eyes....would you like something to drink?"

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Nicholae 18 years ago
Feeling the guys resistance to let go, Nic ultimately left his arm around his shoulder, even once he had sat down.

"Yea, I'll have whatever's on draft, and keep them coming for a while." Nic motioned to the bartender, and then gave him no further thought, as he laid money on the bar.

"Yea, you too Addison...though, man...what the fuck happened? You don't look anywhere near happy."

He couldn't pull punches. He was there to help his an ear...lend support, and after seeing Addison's state, Nic didn't think they had a lot of time to just shoot the bull. This guy looked to be hurting pretty bad.

"That're not in shit with...Ellis, are you?"

Nic thought the other guy wouldn't even be sitting here if that had been the case. He very briefly toyed with 'suggesting' that everything was fine, but knew that was one of the reason's he'd gotten himself 'locked up' recently. No...he was going to need to just sit and wait and any friend would.

While he sat there waiting, Nic kept rubbing Addison's shoulder. The guy had knots the size of tennis balls in them.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison nodded to the bartender, who moved to get the beer and yet another refresher drink. He wasn't done with the one in front of him, but it wouldn't take long...they were small drinks.

"I'm just...a little is all..." Addison flashed a little smile, relaxing in Nic's 1/2 embrace as he felt a little warmer. Surprising since Nic was a vampire...and weren't they a little colder? Ellis hadn't seemed cold at all...

"That're not in shit with...Ellis, are you?"

At Ellis' name, he frowned and stared into his glass. Marthinus (sp?) hadn't mentioned he coulnd't tell anyone else, so he saw no problem with letting Nic know. gone."

He trembled a bit. It was true, he'd not been fully bonded to Ellis yet, but he still missed her. She'd been mostly quite fun and ...well, he'd enjoyed immensely being bitten by her.

"She's dead...but not in the vampire sense...really dead." A pout followed and Addison drank it away, finishing the glass full of liquor and stuffing the cherry into his mouth.
Nicholae 18 years ago
Taking a huge gulp of his beer, Nic wanted to take just the edge off his still antsy condition. Seeing Addison had stirred up some fond memories of their one night together, and being both horny and hungry was having a pretty obvious effect on Nic...should anyone know to look...and where to look.

The way he felt about Addison still took Nic a bit by surprise. In all his years he really never felt this way about a guy before. Maybe he should analyze it...and then again, maybe not. Maybe he should just enjoy the company, and not try to make it fit into a specific to speak.

He didn't like the way Addison seemed to be, but the small smile he offered Nic helped allay his concerns a tad. He could see from Addison's reaction to Nic's words, that the guy had feeling for Ellis. Nic shook his head slightly, thinking it didn't seem likely that both Nic AND Ellis could maintain a coexistence in Addison's life.

"Gone...where...DEAD?! How in the hell did that happen...and...are you sure?!"

The words had mixed feelings for Nic. Sure, personally, it was the best news he'd had since arriving in much so, had he not been with Addison now, he'd have jumped up on the bar and done his best rendition 'Happy Days Are Here Again'...much like he'd done for President Roosevelt, back a few years.

He doubted Addison would appreciate his jocularity though, and tried to remain compassionate.

"Aw...little buddy...I'm, well, I can't say I'm sorry. I feel badly that you're hurtin...but from what I've heard about Ellis, since meeting least with her...gone...I no longer have to fear for my life."

So, yea, it was a bit self centered...but Nic did still care about Addison, and thought he was better off as well. He just didn't feel it was appropriate to say so now.
Addison 18 years ago
"Gone...where...DEAD?! How in the hell did that happen...and...are you sure?!"

Addison flinched and shied back, taking the tied stem out of his mouth before reaching for the next drink. Damn...this shit was like cough syrup...but good stuff. "I'm sure...the peticulars I don't know, but I was just informed today..." He trailed off, thinking of how calm Marthinus had seemed about it. Certainly hye would have had more ties to Ellis, knew her better than addison, and yet he was surprised to hear she was in something for herself...and strangely calm about her passing.

"Aw...little buddy...I'm, well, I can't say I'm sorry. I feel badly that you're hurtin...but from what I've heard about Ellis, since meeting least with her...gone...I no longer have to fear for my life."

"Gee whiz, I am so damn glad that the source of my misery could cause you such relief and joy...Maybe you'd like to sing a rendition of 'ding dong the witch is dead' while you're at it..." Addison's gaze narrowed at Nic, sarcasm as thick as the drink in his hand -- the one surprisingly not on Nic's face, where the red head had the sudden urge to throw it.

Wasting alcohol would defeat the purpose of being here, however. So, with much attitude, Addison slammed back the entire drink. Igdination...he did it well...ok, the effect was probably lessened somewhat by the cherry stem sticking out of the side of his mouth...but he didn't care.

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Nicholae 18 years ago
Nic almost fell off the stool when Addison turned on him like that. Maybe he hadn't been too understanding of Addison's feelings, but hells bells, he no longer had to stay cooped up in the archives...he could live his life again, and not worry about some psychotic bitch out gunning for him.

"Look, Addison, I'm really feeling bad for you son...but...well...she really could have killed me dead...and I mean really dead too. I know what I did to you wasn't the most honorable thing to do...and I am really sorry...honest...more sorry than I've been about anything in a hundred years at least. But...well, I was new to Nachton, and freaking out a little with hunger...and there you were...all cute, and friendly...and..." he had to throw in the 'suggesting' part...if he truly wanted to make things right.

"How was I supposed to know you belonged to her? Yea...I gave you a little suggestion...but you seemed to enjoy our time together...I mean, if you had been dead set against it, I surely wouldn't have raped you."

He didn't do this apologizing very well, he could see. Sighing, he guessed he'd better go on and get it over with. If Addison never wanted to see him again, then that would be that.

"I'm sorry...really sorry...that you are in pain. I can't lie to you though and tell you I'm sorry for what it is that is causing your pain. I can offer myself, in whatever capacity you might need, if it will ease your hurt."

Nic was sorely tempted to kiss the guy, before he had a chance to think twice. That thing he was doing with the cherry stem was only increasing Nic's discomfort.

But Nic had to stay was Addison's discomfort they were there to work on,
Addison 18 years ago
"I'm not your 'son,' Nic." Addison bristled and flashed a little teeth at the dig. Any use other than father to son was sarcastic and demeaning in nature. He listened to Nic talk, absentmindedly tying the cherry stem in his mouth with his tongue. It was ironic...he could do this, but he was only mediocre at giving head. Ah well...not all myths are true after all.

"Of course she would have threatened you....would you have expected any less? And maybe you want me to apologise for being...friendly...and not asking a complete stranger if they were a vampire after just become a familiar." Addison hiccuped once and focused on Nic. "I am sorry."

He sighed and waved over the bartender, weaving a little off the seat as he did so. This was not going the way he'd intended. Addison had thought..maybe a little catching up, maybe some sympathy...and ...well, maybe if he was lucky, getting some while he was somewhat of a free agent. But the evening's prospects weren't looking too good.

"I don't know."
Nicholae 18 years ago
"'re not my son, Addison. Forgive a slight slip in using an old term of endearment, and trust me, there is nothing fatherly in what I feel about you.

I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry for what happened. I used you, and there was no excuse for it. It didn't occur to you to tell me you were a familiar, and it didn't occur to me to ask. But I'm the 'expert' here, and I accept full responsibility for everything. Whether or not you believe it, I've been sick with worry over what I imagined Ellis had done to you. So sick with worry that when I left the Towers tonight, I went against my clan's orders to not venture out. I also did so thinking Ellis might be waiting around any corner, just ready to take my head, literally.

But no matter how sorry I am, I refuse to believe what I did should cost me my life! Do you? Had Ellis caught me outside the hotel tonight, and made me dead...really dead...are you telling me you wouldn't have had any problems with that?"

Nic was frustrated as hell. Nothing he was saying was coming out right. All he seemed to be doing was making Addison angry. He so wanted to nudge the guy's mind just a bit, but refrained. It would be easy, sure...much more so since Addison had been drinking, and was in such a lousy emotional state, but Nic would not do it.
Nicholae 18 years ago
Addison's pain appeared to be too acute for Nic's words to carry any meaning.

"I'm sorry I can't give you the comfort you need Addison."

Feeling bad for the guy, but deciding his presence was just making a bad situation worse, Nic stood up to leave.
Addison 18 years ago
and trust me, there is nothing fatherly in what I feel about you."

That was good. Addison's opinion of Nic was going to plummet if the other male was into incest. Blah! And Nic's admission of worry for his well being melted away the irritation he was feeling at the said guy's previous statement. It could have been the alcohol, but he'd attribute the new feeling of warmth to the pseudo-loved feeling he was getting from having been fretted over, worried for, and thought about by Nic. The other guy had called him, but the message had been...odd and not as personal as what Nic had just said.

"Of course I wouldn't want you dead and gone, but I wouldn't have asked you to come if I thought you'd be in danger." The honest truth with that one. Sure, he'd called Nic before, but with no intent on really meeting him...well...not seriously anyway.

Addison was mulling over what to say when Nic suddenly stood and the red head almost fell of the chair in surprise.

"I'm sorry I can't give you the comfort you need Addison."

"Wait...." Addison stood and set his glass down, reaching for Nic's arm. He didn't want him going like that...or going at all for that matter. "I'm just a little lost and defensive. I'm sorry..."

"Don't go...please" And, before he could change his mind, Addison licked his lips briefly and quickly pressed them to Nic's.
Nicholae 18 years ago
More to steady keep from falling and taking Addison to the floor with him, Nic grabbed the guy around the waist, and leaned him back against the bar. That action only served to press the two men closer together, which was fine by Nic. The kiss was totally out of left field, but Nic went with had been one of the reasons he'd snuck out of Liefde, after all. Though it probably would have never occurred to him to do otherwise.

His mouth worked Addison's, and his tongue joined in with fervor, plunging in to Addison with a simultaneous thrust of his hips. Before things got completely out of hand, Nic regained enough lucidity of mind to pull back. He didn't release Addison, but shifted the focus of their connection to make it appear a friendly hug, instead of the prelude to a great fuck.

The plea in Addison's voice was too much for Nic to ignore.

"I...uh...did you want to get a booth...or...a room?"

It had to be blatant to Addison that Nic was 'ready'. If the guy missed the sign when their bodies were pressed close, then Nic had definitely mistaken their prior attraction. Though he really hoped that wasn't the case.

And yet Nic stopped himself.

"Look...I'm sorry again. I don't know if you're in the frame of mind for more than being held...I've..."

Nic sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"...just been cooped up a while, and...well, the last time was great, and...fuck."

He could tell he was on the way to pushing his little buddy right into wanting to hit him upside the head with something really heavy.

Stepping back, and sitting on the stool again, Nic chucked Addison under the chin.

"You tell me what you need. Wanna go someplace quiet, and talk? Want me to just hold you grieve? I came here for you tell me what you want from me."
Addison 18 years ago
Addison mewled as Nic pressed hard against him, deepening the kiss. That felt oh so good and was effectively taking his mind off of everything but the body trapping him against the bar. He took the opportunity to suck on the invading tongue before it retreated, congratulating himself silently on his boldness.

"I...uh...did you want to get a booth...or...a room?"

"Ro...rooom...." Addison whispered as he came back to himself, eyeing Nic's lips. Nic had the faint taste of beer in his mouth and Addison wanted another taste.

"...just been cooped up a while, and...well, the last time was great, and...fuck."

The quick response of "Yes, please" was out of his mouth, before he could stop it. Nic had made him feel damn good last time and he was rather counting on something similar if he could get it to help him get his mind off of the fact that he'd have to go "familiar job searching" in tach before too long.

Oh damn...there was nothing but air where Nic had been standing...and he was talking. Addison listened, noticing the woman from earlier giving Nic an interested look.

"I want to go get a room..." He moved closer again. "...if you are so inclined." Addison looked over Nic's shoulder at the woman staring at him and smiled.
Nicholae 18 years ago
He'd almost done it...well, done what he knew he shouldn't. He had almost just grabbed Addison around the neck, and hauled him up to a room, closet, elevator...hell, Nic himself only needed about five minutes. Five minutes would give him plenty of time to feed, and the need was getting greater with every passing minute.

But fortunately a voice pulled him back to the harshness of reality...strangely enough, that voice sounded a lot like Kem, and for a split second Nic wondered if the guy was inside his head again. He relaxed a LOT when he saw that wasn't the case.

Grabbing Addison's new drink off the bar, he put it into the guy's hand, grabbed his own beer, and then steered the two of them over to the booth in the corner. THE BOOTH. The booth Nic and Addison had sat in the first time...nicely secluded...slightly dark...

Nudging Addison to sit down, Nic did so as well, and put his arm around the guy again, squeezing his neck as he began to speak.

"Addison, Addison, Addison...I am definitely so inclined. But I have some things I've got to say to you first. I can't fuck this up again..."

After a very LONG pull on the beer, Nic cleared his throat.

"Something else I need to apologize for...first off, is that...I sort of...well, you see...I have this ability, talent, skill, it's a gift really, and I used it on you that night. First in the museum, and then here. I can put ideas into your head, and then you think they're your ideas."

Now that was nice and clear - not.

"When I ran into you at the museum, I was hungry...VERY hungry. I'd just arrived, and hadn't fed in a few days...traveling sometimes makes it awkward, to say the least. I should have checked into Evenhet right away, met with the clan leader, and then worried about food. But instead I let my hunger get the better of me, and I was tired, and I always get a little punchy when I travel anyway..."

He was rambling again, though not intentionally. The feelings he'd had that night were creeping upon him now, and once again he was letting them take control.

"No...the thing is, I had no right to take from you like that, without your consent, freely given. I rationalized it by telling myself that you would enjoy it anyway, so it really didn't wouldn't hurt you...just tire you out a little. I really wouldn't have done you, if I didn't think I could give you something in return...someone else yea...but I liked you right off the bat.

That brings us to tonight."

Another gulp, and Nic looked Addison right in the eyes.

"I need to feed again...soon. That isn't why I came here, but I have to admit in the back of my mind the idea was dancing around. I want to take you upstairs and fuck you mindless...but I MUST feed first."

Another swig of beer, and he drained the bottle. A rather large belch, half hidden by his hand, with a quick apology, and he finished.

"If you still want to be with me tonight, I either leave and come back in thirty minutes or so, and then we go upstairs...or I go upstairs with you now, and..."

Nic's eyes weren't leaving Addison's face, and didn't breath. He hoped the guy understood what the last option meant.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison let Nic get out what he wanted to, drinking his latest drink with a little less urgency than the previous ones. The trip over to the booth had been a blurr, his steps already affected by alcohol. In fact, sitting up straight was a little too much effort for him, so the red head was leaning against his companion, idly playing with the hem of his pants.

"The Suggestion...Ellis told me about that. Said it was naughty of you to do so..." He waggled a finger in front of Nic, but to be totally honest, he might have gone as far with the vampire if he'd not been influenced, although it usually took him longer to warm up to people...all but Ellis. He'd liked her right off...

"It's ok...granted, I didn't feel you...feed before, or I would have said something...where did you...?" He let the question fade a bit, not caring to decide on wording. Because he was antsy...and moving around in the seat a bit. The alcohol was working and making him feel better, calmer, and now he was eager to get out of the booth.

"If you still want to be with me tonight, I either leave and come back in thirty minutes or so, and then we go upstairs...or I go upstairs with you now, and..."

"Oooh..." Addison bit his lip and looked down at hit half full glass. Nic was asking permission to feed on him. And while the process would be ...pleasurable, no doubt, he had some issues with it. "To tell you the truth, I might have, but...there's the possibility of me becoming a familiar again very soon. And with that, I don't know if it would be safe for me know."

Addison scooted closer to Nic again. "But...I don't mind if you...erm...snack... Why don't you go out and get some...erm...dinner...I'll get a room and wait for you upstairs?" That way, if he was claimed as a familiar and they started the bonding process, he woulnd't fall over dead from lack of blood.
Nicholae 18 years ago
If it hadn't been for the simple fact that Nic was just as anxious to get together with his little friend again, he might have laughed at the way Addison was being so...clingy. But Nic felt the need, as well.

Truth was, it would have been a helluva lot more convenient to feed and fuck all in one, so when Addison suggested otherwise, Nic couldn't help but feel a little dejected. He couldn't find fault with Addison's logic...unless...

"Why is it you're so all fired up to become someone else's familiar? Do you find the position that satisfying?"

Nic couldn't begin to think of himself in such a life, but then again, he and Addison were not at all two peas in a pod.

" that Ellis is gone...are you looking for security with your job? If it's security there, I could pretty much guarantee you a lifelong job taking care of my finances. Though I guess that would be pretty boring after working for a huge corporation like Dubine."

For the slightest of moments, Nic considered the possibility of making Addison his familiar, and just as quickly threw the idea out. Nic wasn't sure he was going to ever learn to take care of himself well, and couldn't see pulling someone else into that kind of lifestyle. Physically, and financially Nic had pretty much what he needed in life...emotionally, he was still slightly retarded. On his own, he got by...but...well, he guessed he better not go there.

Sliding out of the booth, after teasing Addison with a short, but intimate kiss, Nic waited for Addison to join him standing.

"Okay little go get us a room, and I'll see you up there shortly. But don't go fallin asleep on me...cause I'll be ready for some fun, when I get back."

Chuckling, Nic sauntered...rapidly...out of the hotel.
Addison 18 years ago
"Why is it you're so all fired up to become someone else's familiar? Do you find the position that satisfying?"

"I enjoyed it with Ellis...and being a familiar lends security in the clan itself....and status and what not. That sort of thing." He had in mind who he'd like to be a familiar to...a couple of tachs actually, but how does one go about propositioning? He'd have to ask carol if there was any sort of ettiquette on it. There had to be.

"And I am sure it wouldn't be boring, but I love my job. I just met the ceo of the company tonight, actually..." Addison flashed Nic a lopsided grin, proud that Marthinus had stopped down to speak with him personally.

And the kiss was far far too short, leaving Addison trying to lean into it to stay connected, but ultimately losing contact. Slightly lidded blue eyes looked up and made contact with Nic's and he slid from the booth to stand in front of him again.

"Okay little go get us a room, and I'll see you up there shortly. But don't go fallin asleep on me...cause I'll be ready for some fun, when I get back."

Addison watched Nic head out, eyeing the other man's walk. And once he was gone, the red head made his way back to the front desk, catching the attention of a smartly dressed brunette woman.

"Can I help you, sir?" She even had that telephon voice thing going for her.

"Yes, I'd like a room please. One of the suites...presidental." He pulled his card out of his wallet and passed it across the desk. The attendant nodded and a few moments later produced a key and a receipt to sign.

"Also...there will be someone stopping by the desk...he'll mention my name. Can you give him the other key and let him know what room it is?" At her nod, Addison smiled brightly and made his way over to the elevators.

Ignoring the couple making out on the ride up, he found the room easily enough...and let himself in. It was nice...large king sized bed...seperate area with a little den area...and the reason he'd gotten one of these rooms...the had those jet things that made all stress seem to go away.

Finding his way into the bathroom, Addison quickly stripped of all his clothing and donned one of the white robes. Pulling it on, he frowned...there was a male and a female robe there...and from the length on this one, he'd managed to find the ladies'. It still covered, but it was short.

Back in the bedroom, Addison climbed up onto the expensive duvet and flicked on the television to see what could entertain him while he waited.
Nicholae 18 years ago
Returning pleasantly sated from his 'meal', Nic went directly to the gift shop and picked up a rose...blood red, and a rose. He shook his head at his sentimentality, wondering if he should get Addison something else, but couldn't think of what it might be, until he got to the register. There was a rack of key chains there, and one was a tiny, little solar powered calculator, also red. It wasn't much more than a little toy, but it struck Nic as something that reminded him of Addison, so he bought it too.

The front desk was next, and after he was given the key, and told the room number, Nic asked the woman if she could see to it that a bottle of the best champagne was sent up. Force of habit, Nic helped her agree to taking care of that little request, but then left her a nice tip. She might have protested, but Nic helped her understand the tip was deserved, and she really didn't want to offend him by refusing it.

The rose stem he stuck through the ring of the key-chain, as he semi-danced his way to the elevator. Once he danced his way off, very ala Gene Kelly, he added a nice whistled tune to the scene, and tipped his non-existent hat to the maid he passed in the hall.

Once he got to the door, he decided to try and surprise Addison, and slipped the key into the slot as quietly as possible. Aside from the almost imperceptible 'click', he was able to open the door just as quietly. The door opened into the sitting area, so he saw he was safe, so far. Stealthily walking towards the door to the bedroom, he could see the bed was positioned in a way that Addison was facing slightly away from the door, and his attentions were focused on the television. Addison was lying on his stomach, wearing a terry robe...Nic hoped that was all he was wearing, and was about to find out.

Moving as if on cat feet, the rose and key chain in one hand, Nic moved up right next to Addison, and simultaneously put the hand with the rose directly into Addison's view, as he slid his hand up the man's leg, and under the robe. Finding no clothing at all beneath the robe, Nic's hand caressed Addison's ass, as he whispered into his ear...

"Fun time!"
Addison 18 years ago
home and Another re run of Daddy Day Some wierd porn OooH! CNN's financial reports! Addison almost salivated as he stared, transfixed at the closing stock numbers and listened to a financial analyst speaking on Long term stock analysis.

He probably should wonder why stock reports gave him a hard on, but that was something he's let a shrink decide...when he got one. Addison reached between his body and the matress to adjust himself. Oh gawd...his realty investment stock just went up...ooooh. was probably not natural to get so much pleasure out of that news. Eh... at least this time he didn't find himself performing fellacio on the remote control...mainly because it wasn't his.

And then suddenly, his view of Dobbs was obscured, by a red rose. Addison's eyes widened and he gasped in surprise as a hand snuck up the back of his robe.

"Fun time!"

"Nic!" Addison pressed back against the warm hand caressing his rear and reached forward with one hand, plucking the rose out of the hand in view. And, in traditional fashion, he brought it up to his face and took a deep breath before looking back and up at Nic. "Thank's lovely and...oooh!" And a little calculator as well! Giving out gifts even. The accountant turned and sat up on to his knees, pulling Nic to him for a thank you smooch. And said smootch ended with Addison tugging at Nic's shirt to get him to join him in bed.

"The bed's soft...."