The Haunted - Themed Attraction

Name: The Haunted

Description: The Haunted in what used to be the Wyndum-Price hotel. The Wyndum-Price hotel was built in the 1920's and has an Art Deco style extravagance to it. Over the years the hotel has become the source of a some urban legands and more than a few society scandals. The Haunted makes use of this history to form an ambiance as well as a basis for frightful interaction. Patrons of The Haunted will come in contact with the staff who recreate elements of this history....with a twist. As visitors visit the multiple floors on their journey to the top, they can allows themselves to be frightened by the unexpected or interact with designated staff for quests and riddles to solve. For the brave who make it, the adventure ends at the top where an old style jazz club can be found. The club continues the decor and them of the rest of the hotel. There is a modest stage, a bar, and tables to sit and enjoy the music. On occasion some of the tables can be pushed back to produce a small dance floor. This is rarely done except on special events or nights when one of the more popular local bands come to play. Featured music tends to be jazz and blues during the week and local rock bands on Saturday. The Haunted, and the affiliated club do not open until after 4 p.m.

Note: The hotel is not currently open for general over night stay. A few rooms have been set aside for such purpose. These are available to special guests who are able and willing to cover the cost. Such bookings must be scheduled a month in advance.

Forum description: Rp threads can be reactions to the above scenario. There will also be two possible added elements to make things fun and challenging. You can request a challenge or a quest. For quests, an NPC will enter the thread long enough to provide back ground and quest. Players can then Rp solving the quests. Challenges are issued by PM. They can be anything from trying to use some absurd word as many times in a thread and still not look like an idiot, to something more in depth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.