Working Late (Open)

"Do you have the statement of equity for last term, Mabel?" Addison looked up over the rims of his specs as his part time secretary, a quiet-ish woman of near retirement age, appeared in his doorway.

"Right here, Mister Monroe." A file was produced and set on top of his "to do" pile. "It's getting on in the hour, don't you want to finish here for the evening? Didn't you mention a meeting you had to attend?" It was then that Addison noticed that she was wearing her jacket and holding her purse.

"My attendance isn't imperative. Budgetary things that can be taken care of without me." It was an automatic response, but Mabel didn't know what the meeting was about. She'd tried to get him to take her unmarried daughter out to dinner and that had been his excuse. "Besides, I'd rather get this done while I am thinking about it. Have a good night, Mabel."

"Good night, Mr. Monroe." She smiled at him, like an older aunt would and left promptly after.

That had been over two hours ago. There were some discrepancies in the liabilities portion of his work and they'd taken forever to hash on out. But now the numbers matched and he was satisfied with the results. Rubbing his eyes, he got up and made a fresh pot of coffee down the hall, peering up at the clock doubtfully. He could still make the meeting relatively o n time, but Ellis really didn't need him there. He wasn't vampire so anything she had to tell the rest of her clan probably woudn't have much of an effect on him. Besides...Carol would be there - definately woudln't need two familiars standing over her shoulder.

*pop pop* went his spine as he stretched. Once his "Give me Coffee or Give me Death" mug was full, he ambled on back down to his office. There was at least 4 more reports to look through, but none absolutely needed to get done tonight...just something he wanted to do.

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Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
Marthinus approached Monroe's doorway, passing a female in the hall. He nodded towards her and knocked softly on his open door.

'Excuse, Addison Monroe?' He stepped just inside the door and saw the red head seated at his desk. 'I am Marthinus Steyn, I don't believe we have met yet.'
Addison 18 years ago
Addison looked up suddenly, startled by the voice breaking through the silence. Blinking, he spied the company CEO. He'd never had the honor of meeting him, but everyone at Dubine knew who he was. His portrait was in the main lobby. The red headed accountant stood, remembering his manners all at once.

"I am Marthinus Steyn, I don't believe we have met yet.'

"Mr. Steyn, of course. A pleasure to meet you, sir." Addison was v. pleased to finally meet the guy whose name graced the bottom of his paycheck, but was confused at the timing of said visit. It was late, but maybe Mr. Steyn had just found some time in his busy schedule to say hello as he was leaving. There weren't many who stayed late when they could help it. "What can I help you with?"

"Would you like some coffee? I just made a fresh pot."
Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
Marthinus walked into the office, hands behind his back. 'Oh, no I just had a pot myself.' He gave what he hoped was a disarming smile. The CEO wasn't sure how to broach the subject of Ellis and her demise with the young man. The clan and the company were going to be affected overall. He chose his words wisely.

'Ellis had informed me of your new association with the...other side...of Duibne. I'm sure you've made the introductions? I know you have met Carol, she interviewed you for me. Unfortunately I was recouping from some recent health issues and could not make your meeting with her.' Marthinus walked slowly over to Monroe's desk and stopped. His hands came out and crossed in front of him.

'I should really come to the point,' he scratched the top of his bald head lightly, 'There has been an incident...a series of events really, that you need to be aware of and can drastically affect your position within the clan.'

Marthinus was not impressed with his own subltey. It wasn't every day he had to tell a familiar that his Mistress and clan leader was dead.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison relaxed a bit and reclined against the desk. He'd figured the CEO of a company that was cover for a clan would be a part of it. Wait...he coulnd't be a vampire as well? The red head peered at the bald CEO and decided nay. He'd seen people going upstairs to meet with him during the day, so he had to be human. And the rumor that he was another of Ellis' familiar came back to him. But it might be rude to ask, point blank.

He nodded to the clan association. And he knew the explination of health wasn't a lead in for inquiries on reasons, so he sat up on the desk and listened intently. This guy WAS the human boss, after all. Granted, Ellis was boss over all.

'There has been an incident...a series of events really, that you need to be aware of and can drastically affect your position within the clan.'


"Series of incidents? You are referring to the clan activity, perhaps? Or the meeting that is going on?" He had somehow forgotten to ask about the outcome, but since there was a meeting tonight for the vampires, Addison assumed all was well. And what did he mean his position. Addison was confused. The only way he thought his position might be altered is if one of the older familiars died/turned or if he was fired and/or kicked out. "Did me?" The idea was ludicris. He did his job well and ..well, there was that incident with Nic, but Ellis had told him that it wasn't his fault -- being influenced as he was.
Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
"Did me?"

Marthinus almost blanched. He laced his fingers together and pointed at Monroe. 'No, she has not. I'm afraid it is more drastic than that.' With a sigh, 'The fire at the warehouse, that you undoubtedly heard about on the news and through the clan grapevine...resulted in the death of your mistress and near death of her companion Simon Huntington. The clan has changed hands and Simon is now your clan leader.'

There, he said it as plan as he could. Ellis was dead. No one, not even Marthinus' son Jacob, could ever know the relief he felt when he heard the news. For generations the Huntingtons clan had been held in bondage by their fearless leader and now, they were free. It was a dizzying thought but it was a relief he held close to his dying heart.

'Your bond was not yet formed with Ellis, so you did not feel her death.' In fact, Marthinus hadn't either. Their bond had lasped some time ago, mostly with the recent addition of Carol three years prior. A duty he was more than happy to relinquish.

'You will need to seek an audience with Simon.'
Addison 18 years ago
Addison breathed a little sigh of relief. He'd never ever been fired before.... Speaking of which, he'd read something about the fire, but only saw it briefly on the front page before he grabbed out the financial section. But...

resulted in the death of your mistress


death of your mistress


Addison's lower lip trembled a bit and his eyes went wide as he felt them mist slightly. Surely Styen couldn't mean... "But...she was dead before...a know...not alive..."

The red head suddenly felt a whole lot smaller and cold. He shook slightly, and focusing on the fact Ellis was gone, Addison didn't even register what else the ceo said, focusing on the fact he was now rather "free range/game" -- and all of his stuff was in the domicile. 'Shit'

He was going to need something a lot stronger than coffee....

'You will need to seek an audience with Simon.'

He swallowed hard. "Is this the point where the new leader disposes of the old one's posessions?" He'd seen a movie in his collection where everything went with a leader upon their death. Did that mean Carol and he were going to be killed off?

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Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
'What? No, no.' Marthinus was shocked and appalled at the idea. 'Simon would never dispose of Ellis' familiars. No, no.' He took the seat that was in front of Monroe's desk and sat slowly, unbuttoning his silk jacket.

'You need to speak to Simon regarding your protection. You are more than welcomed to stay with the clan or even become another vampire's familiar if that's what you wish. If anything, Simon has released Carol from her duty. She stays with Tacharan out of her own free will.' Well, that and because she's in love with and bonded to Simon now, but that wasn't something he was going to bring up.

'The clan will protect you, Mr. Monroe. The question is, do you wish to stay?'
Addison 18 years ago
Addison let his shoulders stoop and he looked out the window, listening to Dubine's ceo speak. He made it sound so easy...stay after you lose your only protection from being community lunch/ drained. How on earth could Ellis have...expired? She was the strongest person...being Addison had ever known. Yeah...he'd want to stop by ...somewhere and get something to drink...even if it was his own house for some wine.

'The clan will protect you, Mr. Monroe. The question is, do you wish to stay?'

"I want to stay, but without Ellis...aren't I rather like fair game at the domicile?" He had a habit of letting things slip that sounded like invitations for a sip. Addison would have to either find himself another familiar position or watch what he said from now on.

He turned to look at Marthinus, brushing a lock of red hair out of his face. "Is...Ellis buried anywhere? Any arrangements for a monument?" He should at least start thinking about what to do for that aspect.
Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
'Mr. Monroe,' Marthinus started but could not find the words immediately. So far he had dropped quite the bomb at Addison's feet...and he wasn't even finished yet.

'There are complications surrounding her death. Revelations that revealed themselves. They found information that Ellis...did not have the clan's best interest in mind. Her actions have proven to be...treacherous. It is undoubtedly causing an ugly ripple across the clan.'

Marthinus left it at that but really, what else could he say?
Addison 18 years ago
Addison was surprised at the statement. He only knew her for a short while, but from what he could gleam, she was utmost in things for herself. Surely, that wouldn't have been a big surprise to others...those who knew her best.

"Indeed, if you say so. I only knew Ellis for...not as long as I would have wished." Yes, he was missing her even though his bond wasn't complete, as marthinus had said. Addison had been looking forward to the next...erm...feed? He was feeling better now and was more than well enough. "But everyone who passes deserves some sort of recognition..."

"Thank you for...lettting me know, Mr. Steyn. Is Simon expecting me to meet with him tonight?" That would affect how much he allowed himself to drink..
Marthinus T. Steyn 18 years ago
Marthinus stood and buttoned his jacket. 'At your convenience, Mr. Monroe. Simon would be happy to talk with you anytime. Your access to Duibne and the Domicile will not change and you are free to come and go as you like under the veiled protection of the clan. The other's in the city will assume your familiar responsibilities have fallen on Simon's feet, so fear not.'

The CEO took a step closer to the desk and held his hand out to the younger man.
'It is a pleasure finally meeting you, Mr. Monroe, I apologize for the circumstances that bring me here. If nothing else, I will leave you to your work which, I might add, has been exemplary.'

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Addison 18 years ago
Addison hopped lightly down from his desk with a polite nod. Some of his fears felt lessened hearing that at he could go out and not be ultimately threatened, but it still lingered there in the back of his mind. He pushed that one strand of hair back again.

"It was good to finally meet you, sir." He took the ceo's hand in his and shook it gently. "I light of recent news, I'll turn in for the evening. But, thank you."