Taking the Knee ((private, attn: Simon))

Some planning was in order. He knew that this would likely be interpreted as bizarre, but being interpreted as bizarre rather than not being taken seriously or botching it in person...certainly the lesser of evils.

Stage one - acquire intel. That was easy. Alec was already aware of the existence of the Abattoir. What he needed was more detail. A simple trip to the Department of Public Works with forged architectural certifications (he of course had authentic versions, but wanted to keep his hand in practice - using proper documentation creates a paper trail, don'tchaknow) quickly yielded structurals that were incredibly out of date, but also the name of the first remodeler of the original slaughterhouse. A brief study of the man's works, cross referenced with Alec's own observations led him to believe that there was one more structural alteration since the original redesign (barring the inclusion of security). Sadly, no amount of digging turned that up. Still, an excellent groundwork, and he already knew the alterations. He was well armed for...

Stage two - active reconnaissance. The club was familiar. This trip wasn't for dancing, however, but for observation of structure. With so much going on, it was easy to blend into the crowd, even while doing something wholly out of place for the location. Practically invisible, he wandered the location, getting a better feel and measure of the place and re-envisioning the back halls. Security-wise, most was electronic, with only cursory random element ambulatories. There was no structural for most of them, but the layout was pretty obvious. Confident, he strode into the restroom, around two men messily making out and into a stall where he quickly sketched everything out. Stepping over the prone, grinning, and bloody form of one of the men on the floor, Alec walked out into the crowd and bathed in its energy. He'd have to remember to come back sometime - the pulse here was solid enough that you could almost feed on the air.

Stage three - preparation. The nice thing is that he had studied or redesigned most of the systems still in place in the Abattoir, so was intimately familiar with their functions and weaknesses. Upon examination, he was horrified to discover how open the defenses of the building were to the highly trained eye. To complete his task, he would only need two special additions. He loaded up with an electronic bridge, magnetic lock slides and his basic kit...and a child's toy with a very unusual modification.

Stage four - execution. The most interesting thing about gaining entry into a public building is that it is actively encouraged. The toughest security is the bit you walk right by. So he did. Greeted at the door, he exchanged pleasantries with the doorman. After all, he was becoming a regular. Not chatting would have been more unusual than chatting. Once inside, blending with the crowd and losing all potential observers was easy, though Alec had an extremely unfair advantage in that department. Having pre-prepped his gear, Alec waited for his window of opportunity - the probability of two people using the hallway to his destination within five minutes of each other without the occupant in residence was approximately 3%. Very good gamble to take on a zero loss test run. Striding up to the corner to the doorway, Alec paused, envisioned, pulled out a children's toy and neutralized visual security without being observed. A glow in the dark suction dart pistol - a modification of one frequently found in supermarkets and dollar stores, had removed the chances of observation on security. The interesting about this particular glow in the dark suction dart, though, is that on the cup was a laser image of the hallway...back-lit by the luminescence of the dart itself. The image would likely appear only slightly distorted on the camera, and the dart would fall off on its own in about three minutes, roll down the stairs and get trampled by the crowd. With all of the strangeness that was found on the floor after hours, it would vanish quite naturally.

Walking up to the door, Alec slid in his electronic bridge to ensure the alarm connection was uninterrupted, applied his picks and used the magnet plate to disengage the security bar. Double checking the bridge, he slipped in the door, shutting it behind him and leaving the bridge and plate in place. Heading quickly down the hall, he stepped in to a janitorial room, onto a garbage can, and into a vent, over three rooms and into another. Dangling upside down from the vent, he placed a sealed envelope on the desk and a bottle of Dom Perignon to hold it in place.

Repeating the procedures in reverse, Alec left the Abattoir. He hoped that the intrusion would not be taken the wrong way, but that the recipient would appreciate the earnest sentiments that were conveyed in the letter and the method of delivery. The letter itself was somewhat simple - Alec wasn't the best of writers...but much more comfortable with text than with the spoken word for some things. He'd settled on

Simon -

I attempted to visit you in the hospital, but had no idea how to broach the subject without undue awkwardness. I am relieved that you are alive. Beyond that, the purpose of this letter is to explain my position (without the chance of social blunder), which is relatively simple.

I am untrained on some of the older traditions, but I am going to give one a shot here. I offer you my fealty. You have been leading this clan in spirit and organization for my entire lifetime. Though it is unfortunate that you have to take the reigns under such circumstances, I feel that the transfer of control is in title only. You have been the control factor in Tacharan for longer than my own memory spans. You will do well by us, of that I have no doubt. If there is any way I can be of service, know that you only have to ask.

Keep in mind that not everyone will share my perspective on things. Please, take extra care. Transitions are opportunities for accidents to go unresearched, and power struggles are the bulk of our history. I know I am being a bit presumptuous telling that to the guy who made sure most of us really understood DO NOT GET CAUGHT, but this is a dangerous time for us...you most of all. If you need another ace up your sleeve in the nights to come, I am ready and willing.

So...do not get caught...and congratulations, Boss.

- Alec

Hands in pockets, Alec left the Abby and returned to the Domicile.

((ooc: Alec out))