Milk...bread...and voice mail

Addison popped into the convenience store...he needed basic supplies for breakfast. And, well...let's face always came out with something different than what you went in for. The red head grabbed up a loaf of bread and wandered through the isles, eyes widening as he saw some of the expiration dates on the foodstuffs. While debating between reeces pieces and reeces peanut butter cups, Addison looked over and saw a little boy with brown hair, eagerly grabbing up a package of m and m's. He reminded Addison of Nic...which reminded him of something he wanted to do.

Pulling out his cell phone, he quickly dialed his voice mail and listened to the message saved there:

((Insert nic voice mail))

Addison smiled, despite himself, but stopped when he noticed a couple of girls giggling at his expression over the display of salt and vinegar potatoe chips. He turned away and hit a few buttons on his cell, sending a voice mail directly back to him...Addison lowered his voice a little to avoid the avid eaves droppers

"Nic..It was good to hear from you. Sorry I've not gotten back to you before's been a little hectic." Addison opened the cooler and pulled out a carton of milk, before ducking back as the mother of little boy pushed in to get one for herself. 'How rude..' he thought. "I'm doing fine...but i'm afraid I might not be able to help you out with the hotel after all. I can send you some property listings via E-mail...but...well, my boss was not too pleased with our...association, so it might not be a good idea to meet in person." Addison stepped up to the magazine rack, pausing as a group of teens walked by, talking loudly. "Sorry about that, Nic. I'd like to see you, but it...might not be a good idea." He didn't want to go into 'My mistress might be out for you' over a cell phone connection.

"I still...would like to hear from you."

*you have 10 seconds* his cell phone warned. "Have a good night." With that rather lame sign off, he closed the cell phone and moved over to a different isle, looking over some of the newspapers stacked there.

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Nicholae 18 years ago
The phone began vibrating while Nic had been indisposed, and once he was in a position to answer, of course the call had been picked up by his voice mail.

"Ah damn." He said, to no one but himself. It had been Addison, and he had missed him. So far all they had done since that first and only night together, was to play phone tag.

That wasn't counting the brief...very brief meeting at the Creation Ball. Nic tried very hard not to remember that incident, but for totally other reasons.

As he listened to the message, Nic found himself nodding. It was disappointing, to say the least, to hear Addison couldn't help Nic with his hotel venture, but Nic really hadn't been expecting anything different. And, being sort of under house arrest, Nic wouldn't have been able to get together with the other guy now anyway.

The last bit of the message did make Nic smile. Addison apparently still wanted to keep in touch, so who knew what might happen down the road one day.

Saving the message, Nic clicked off his phone, and returned to the Anita Baker story he'd been reading earlier.

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Addison 18 years ago
Addison threw his purchases up on the counter along with a copy of today's newspaper and pulled out cash. He disliked using his card for anything that wasn't going to be used in a week.

With a smile and a nod, he took the bagged items and headed back out to his little suv.

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