Quiet time

It had been so long since she had a home.. so very long since she dared to call any place her home for that matter.. looking around her new apartment Alexandra let out a small sigh, putting a hand to her eyes she leaned against the cool wall of the room for a moment.

This was now her new home.. she belonged to this clan, they would look out for her and she had to look out for them, that was what she had promised and she was always good on her promises.

Pushing herself of off the wall she made her way over to her bedroom, stripping ouf of her clothes she placed each garment on her dresser until there was nothing left but bare skin, she wasn't pale like most vampires, she had been outside alot when she was still alive.. even if it had been centuries and this had colored her skin a light golden, it became her, matching her almost black hair and matching eyes.

Standing in front of the mirror for a moment she looked at her reflection, she had been called pretty, beautiful even, but all she saw was a woman without a past, a lost soul who was still looking for a place to belong.

Taking a deep breath she shook her head, puling her long hair into a bun she made her way into the bathroom, maybe a long shower would clear her mind, turning on the hot water she stepped under the spray letting the darkness of her mind wash away for a moment.

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Alexandra 18 years ago
Turning off the shower she stood still for a moment, the water had cleared her mind a bit, but the darkness that always seemed to be there hadn't left, at least she was a bit more focused now.

Reaching for a plush towel she wrapped it around her dripping wet body, using it to remove the glinstering waterdroplets she took clip out of her hair letting it drop down her back, dropping the towel she walked into her bedroom, finding a pair of black yoga pants and a white tanktop she dressed quietly, braiding her hair she headed downstairs towards the kitchen, she wasn't much of an eater really, she did enjoy human food, mostly salades and fruits, opening the firdge she took out a botle of white wine, retrieving a glass from the cabinet above her head walked back to the living room.

Sitting down she poured herself a glass, settling into the big comfy couch she pulled her legs up, taking a sip she smiled to herself.. yes she really could get used to a place like this.

Alexandra 18 years ago
Sitting with her eyes closed, glass of wine in one hand Alex smiled to herself, she felt so in tune with her own body it was almost frightning, as an assassin she was used to listen and watch, she had been doing it for centuries.. but here.. she was at home, her new home.

Opening her eyes she put the wineglass down, arching her back she slowly almost feline like got up from the couch, stretching her whole body she headed towards her frontdoor, opening it quietly she peered outside for a moment into the hallway, with all the people who lived there a person would think it would be noisy, people would be walking down the halls but noone could be heared or was seen by her.

Wrinkling her nose she left the door open, if someone wanted to come in they were welcome to, if not it would be fine too, walking into the kitchen she grabbed an apple of off the fruitbowl, taking a bite she enjoyed the sweet flavor, chewing for a moment she walked back to the couch, looking at the piece of fruit in her hand she suddenly couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"O God.. this is too funny, here I am in my new home.. eating an apple.. I swear I'm loosing it"

Shaking her head she let out another series of giggles before she sat down again, a big grin plastered on her face as she took another bite.

"See loosing it.. even talking to myself"

Letting out another giggle she sat back.
Alexandra 18 years ago
Stretching her back muscles she got of off the couch in one fluid motion, walking to the hall closhet she took out a pair of black sneakers, removing the elastic band she had around her wrist she pulled her long hair into a high poney tail, looking over her shoulder she smiled once again.. it was time to go out for a late night jog and who knew maybe a little bite along the way.

Reaching for her keys she put them in her pocket before leaving her appartment, yes it really felt good to have something of her own for a change.

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