The Clan Trade

Bloodlust - Using their blood they are stronger and able to move more quickly. Extended use of this power makes the vampire exceedingly hungry and they will need to feed more often.

You are in your mistress' chambers, located deep beneath the tunnels that layer the ground under the slaughterhouse. Sound does not penetrate this room and its almost deafening. It is a large loft, at least two thousand square feet total. It is oddly arranged. On the main floor, in the center of the room is a platform in which your mistress has a large, ornate bed. It is unmade, but the sheets are silk and white in color. There is nothing up on the platform other than the bed. To the left of the platform, down about 30 or so feet is a sectioned off bathroom. It is not enclosed but separated by a folding asian style partition, soft white and covered by blushing cherry blossoms. There is a spiral stair case on the opposite side of the room and as you turn to look at it, you notice your mistress staring at you. You did not hear her decend, but that was probably intentional. She motions you up stairs and you follow.

Again oddly arranged, you step into what appears to be her office. It takes up at least 1/4 of the floor space below. It is L shaped and is lined with dark paintings by unrecognizable artists, each depicting a theme. It starts from one end with a portrait of angels, reaching towards the earth from heaven, seemingly singing to the humans. It moves on tragically to vengeful angels, walking on earth, arms upraised with a defiant look on their face. The humans are fleeing. As each portrait progresses, it becomes darker, terrible and murderous. The final portrait is of an angel, its wings stained with blood, in profile. It is blurry, unlike the clarity of all the others and not as well lit. The darkness gives it a forboding feel.

'It is the fall of angels.' She walks to it and and sighs. Her face is lit up like the sun as she stares at the portrait. 'I should find it humbling, but if anything its encouraging.' Ellis Dubán gives you a wry smile and looks you up and down. 'It implies that there is room for everything, everyone, and even the damned, on Earth.'

You see her pink tongue dart out and touch her right fang. She then sauntered towards you, closing the gap slowly. "A newbie...," she cooed, "perfect." She is wearing a deep red shift made of material so soft and thin you can see her body beneath it. It is wraped lightly around her breasts, waist and hips in layers, the arms are full and flowing. She is also barefoot, her toenails painted red to match.

"Right. Lets get on with it." She circles around you, examining you from head to toe. Once again she stands in front of you, staring hard into your eyes. " Well then, Wilhelm did not leave much to be desired, save for the potential of this one ability. In our veins run the power to rage orbloodlust . Those who have exhibited this characteristic will be chosen to join the ranks of the business that brings in the other half of our fortune.

"You will be a Merc. We are hired killers, assassins, mercenaries...whatever brings in the money. And depending on your talents, there might even be a promotion." Ellis smiled slowly. "Within our ranks, there are those who have successfully dispensed of whatever conscience you had left before turning. Murderers with no remorse are these special few. Our target?"

Your leader takes out a cigarette and lights it. Her red lips wrap around the lit cigarette and she inhales deeply. She looks at it and then you, "I know, these will be the death of me." Smiling she continues.

"Our targets are the most taboo. Traditionally the role of this type of killer has been reserved for the most angelic of humans, who have this ridiculous idea that we're 'unholy'." Ellis rolls her eyes. "We will pray on the weak, the lone, the to speak." She takes another drag of her cigarette, the red tip glowing brightly.

"Let me add that the prize from these kills results in immeasurable fortune." She leans closer to you and whispers. "We hunt vampires." Ellis' smile illuminates her face, radiating a beauty that is cold and calculating. "Stragglers mostly, those who were turned recklessly or haven't had the chance to choose a clan. Vampire blood is highly addictive, besides being highly profitable. Tied in with our drug company Duibne Industries that is trying to create a synthetic to match its regenerative properties, it is the fattest cash cow available."

Ellis walks back to the portrait of the tainted angel again. "These are your options. If you choose wisely, you will then meet The Trainer." Shrouded in its darkness, she touches the painting and looks back at you, her eyes seemingly glowing in the darkness. "Rather she...will find you."