A final word.

I'd like to thank everyone that came out and participated in this event =D I'm sorry it took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I hope the end result was worth the wait.

Ellis is missing and presumed dead.

Simon will recover at Duibne at their medical facilities.

I'm going to leave it open for a day or two for any additional reactions or movement. Again, thanks all for hanging out. =)

Alec Devereaux 15 years ago
Wahooties! Thanks for the ride! Good show!
Shay 15 years ago
Thanks guys...it was VERY entertaining. You all did a great job.
Addison 15 years ago
V. good read. Addison will have to pull out his black, mourning clothes
Ginnie 15 years ago
It was a great deal of fun. Thanks!
Alexandra 15 years ago
Wasn't part of most of it, but I loved what I did read, I'm looking forward to be part of the next event
Nova 15 years ago
*rubs back of head* Anyone see who got me?

Hee hee, this was fun.
Jan 15 years ago
Nope, no clue. *whistles*

Thanks for the party.
Mathias 15 years ago
Great fun! Looking forward to the aftereffects...ok well Mathias isn't...
Valentine 15 years ago
Defiantly a good time… we should blow stuff up more often.

Er… something like that