Wilshire, England


It was overcast the cold windy morning of the funeral as the line of black dressed individuals with their black umbrellas stood about the Rosethorne cemetery. The throng of people were crowded in like rats all wishing to partake in the painful ceremony of saying goodbye one last time as the soft rain misted over them, the very country offering it's own tears for the departed.

In the front of the grieving crowd was a roped off section with seven coffins slowly being lowered one by one into the care of the earth. Mother, father, sisters, and friends; all unfortunate to be where they were when the fire came now slept with the angels.

Before them stood one person, without an umbrella, dressed in black as well. The local pasture stood beside the grief stricken girl, a hand over her shoulder as he read the last rights for the family Rosethorne; the rainy mist washing over them in some unspoken tradition while hiding the young girl's tears in their wet caresses. The wind sang like a dirge to announce the final departure of the once living all through the funeral; like the rain, it never relented.

To be continued...

Rorri Rosethorne 15 years ago

Three Months Later

Rorri Rosethorne, last of the direct line of Rosethorne and direct heir to the multi-million dollar fortune her family had built up in industry over the generations, looked off into the endless horizon of the ocean as the large oceanic cruiser made it's way across the Atlantic.

She had taken a leave of absence from the university for the year to get her finances and other situations under control, though being seventeen meant that the crown had appointed a regent to monitor her family's vast fortunes even as the corporate board watched over the companies on her behalf. Her own personal assets were still considerable though and more then enough for the time being.

More then enough for a lifetime...

Her destination was a little out of the way city in USA on the eastern coast called Nachton; an odd name with little facts in the books or online about, but one that housed perhaps the last remnants of her family, a displaced great uncle who's ancestors had left England back in the late 1700s to stake a claim in the new world.

Her parents had never spoken of him or his kin, nor was he mentioned in the family bible, which listed as deceased all that had come to the Americas during that time frame.

Odd, but most likely a simple oversight...

To be continued...

Rorri Rosethorne 15 years ago

Two Days Later

The ship, the Great North Star, a super liner from the Star Liner Works in Whales, which the Rosethornes owned, finally arrived after a two week crossing of the Atlantic, with a few side stops.

Rorri had her luggage sent ahead of her to The Grand Piazza, the only

five star hotel in the small city. Her 41st floor corner suite awaited her and while she might have flinched a few months ago at the cost, it didn't seem to bother her today.

Not much did these day, except the strong sense of urgency that the Rosethorne board had with her starting a family so that there was a guarantee of succession.

That was the last thing she was interested in now.

Boys...er men.

She preferred a different taste when it came to her partners, something of the finer, softer sex.

Of course if that got out it wouldn't sit well with anyone on the board even though England allowed for alternative lifestyles. If only Kimmy hadn't died in that fire, then at least she'd have her best friend with her she thought with a sorrow filled smile as she inhaled the air from the city; it seemed a little dry and her nose picked up the trace elements of an industrial capability somewhere nearby; a lot like home actually, though not as active.

She wondered if there were any pubs here that served chips?