Crimson Calamity

Ana had seen blood before. She'd been in the hospital a few times, especially after the flying wok incident that left her with the row of miniscule scars on her jaw. But she hadn't seen so much without an obvious source.

She sat on the floor, hugging her legs to her chest, forehead on her knees. She knew she'd been crying because the last time she looked up at someone walking by, she saw the pinkish blotches where her mascara and eyeshadow had leaked onto her jeans. To her right she felt a slight breeze, heard a gentle squeak. The squeak of a door being open and shut. She was glad the door was behind her.

After finding... the mess she had run out and nearly vomited in the elevator. Shakily, she withdrew her cell from her purse and dialed 911... Gave the address, the situation. Response should be expected shortly.

Shortly turned into ten minutes. Then fifteen. Either she gave them the wrong address in her shock, or they...


Ana looked up. Stray bits of hair floated around her face. Streaks of pink across her pale cheeks gave her an almost haunted appearance as she replied,

A female detective with short-cropped blonde hair squatted down next to her. "I'd like to get you out of here. You don't need to stay. We're going to put you up in the Piazza while the investigation progresses. I also need to ask you a few questions."

Ana wrinkled her nose, stemming tears she knew were threatening to pour from her again. "That's fine. Would you mind if I followed you? I drove here..." A sob wracked her as she stopped herself from saying "to visit my best friend."

The detective shook her head. "You're in no condition to drive, ma'am. I'll take you over and my partner will bring your car for you a bit later."

Ana didn't know it at the time, but they'd also check her car for blood, remains, fingerprints...