Blending into the shadows...

Driving around town, in an area adjacent to the hotel, Fallon's eyes blazed. It was late, and the sky was now changing from black to a deep, rich, midnight blue. It was a beautiful color, but now more than just now signified the sun's rise. And the thought of what Panos had said would happen if caught in sunlight, drove Fallon in a panic.

No one seemed to be on the streets at this hour. She had driven for about thirty minutes and had only seen one policeman, walking along, checking doors. A cop was more than she wanted to deal with now...though if she didn't find someone else soon, she'd have no choice.

Fallon 18 years ago
Turning down a new street, Fallon's eyes immediately caught sight of people. She slowed the Rav to a mere fifteen miles per hour as she crept upon the small gathering.

The people, all dressed very nice, were milling around outside some club, it appeared. It was difficult to know if they were leaving, arriving, or just outside for a smoke.

Pulling into a parking space several yards back, Fallon gripped the steering wheel as she noticed one young man start walking away from the group...coming directly towards her. With no time to think, she quietly got out of the vehicle, and moved rapidly ahead of him, along the outsides of the cars parked. When she was far ahead, and had come to a corner, she slipped down the side street, but remained up against the building, waiting for him to reach her.

As she heard his footsteps grow closer, she nonchalantly walked into his view, and dropped her keys.

'Here, let me get those for you.' He offered, and sprinted to close the gap, bending down and grabbing up the keys.

As if startled, Fallon moved back into the side street shadows, hoping the young man would follow. Fortune smiled, and he did exactly that.

'Miss? Here are your keys...' He held them up and dangled them at eye level.

Fallon tried to appear helpless, and a bit spooked, still backing away, but much more slowly.

"Oh! Thank you..."

Holding out her hand, she waited until he settled the keys there, and then grabbed his arm with her other hand, and pulled him towards her. Before he could react - alcohol being a major factor in slowing down his reflexes - Fallon's mouth attached itself to his neck, and she bit down. What Panos had told her was a faint glimmer of a memory now, as the hot, sweet liquid pulsed into her mouth, and down her throat. She sucked, hard, feeling her body waken, and tingle with currents of life. The young man went slightly limp, and heavy in her arms, and she removed her mouth.

It took more restraint than she ever thought she possessed, but she managed to remember...she did not want to kill. The kitten had been bad enough, if she actually killed a person, she didn't think she would have the wherewithal to go on. Yet she kissed his neck again, and sucked just a bit longer. It was just so good, and she had been soooooooo hungry.

Pulling herself away again, she licked up every spot and speckle of blood from the man, and slowly settled him on the sidewalk, against the building. Squatting next to him, she composed herself. She was full enough...barely...but not stuffed. Her fingers caressed his cheek, and went to the pulse point at his throat...he lived. But not wanting to risk being caught, she knew she had to leave. For all she knew, his friends were right behind him, and about to come upon them any second. She was glad he wore a coat, and the weather wasn't terribly bad. But she still feared for his safety.

Crouching low, she made her way back to the Rav and was inside it again, within a few heartbeats. She could see there were still a few people grouped together, where they had been earlier. Her adrenalin seemed to be pumping heavily throughout her veins, and the sense that she might spontaneously combust at any second was the thought that was taking hold. It was the most marvelous sensation, but one that also scared the shit out of her. That, and the fact that the sky was even lighter now.

Starting up the car, she drove away while dialing 911.

"Hello? I need to report a drunk who seems to have passed out on the sidewalk."

After giving the street names, she disconnected the call, and continued the drive back to the hotel. A mixture of excitement, sated hunger, trepidation, and weariness cloaking Fallon. But more important, a sense of survival, and the need to be someplace inside and safe was the biggest concern, at the moment.
Fallon 18 years ago
Once Fallon had returned to the hotel, she stopped for nothing. She barely remembered to lock the Rav, before sprinting in through the side door of the building. It was still early enough that most 'normal' people would still be in bed.

Popping her card key into the slot on the door, she felt immense relief to hear the click of the lock opening. She entered, and closed the door behind her, and rested against it. Ridiculous as it was, she felt very safe now, and also very tired.

Without another thought about what had just happened, or what had happened earlier, she unbuttoned her jeans, and walked out of them, before pulling off the sweater. Pulling the drapes as tight as she could, she pulled down the spread, and slipped between the sheets. Later, maybe, once she awoke, she'd finish her earlier foray into pleasure. But for now, sleep was the sole reason for her being.

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