Hillman Compound

Located in the industrial district, along the waterfront were 2 miles of nothing but warehouses. Some of the larger warehouses were fifty thousand square feet of storage and some were filled to capacity. On the south end, standing pristine and new, was Hillman compound, known formerly as Hillman, Inc. This is where the multi-millionaire stored his luxury items, docked his yachts and kept his precious things hidden away.

The warehouse itself was made of concrete and boasted security guards around its surrounding electrical fence. No one could come within 500 feet of Hillman, Inc without being thoroughly accosted by a gruff looking security guard with bad breath.

State of the art security and fifty cameras surveyed the premises. There were four check points and one main entrance. The surrounding warehouses have been bought and cleared out by Hillman, Inc and not a soul interrupted whatever went on down on the south end of the docks.

Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis tugged at her glove with her teeth as she walked directly to the front entrance of Hillman's compound. Tucking her gloves into the three quarters trench coat style jacket, she flipped one side of her hair back over her shoulder and graced the security guard with a glorious smile.

'Right. Ellis Duban, here to see Terrance Hillman.' She crossed an arm and checked her nails as she waited.
Officer 18 years ago
Officer Adam blinked stupidly at the woman standing in front of his check point. There he was, standing at his post, watching the monitors in his little shack. Suddenly, there she was, walking straight up to his check point. Everything about her was black. Her hair, shoes, clothes...she seemed to blend in the night. He almost didn't notice her but did.

He blinked again.

'Right. Ellis Duban, here to see Terrance Hillman.'

Blink. Blink. Officer Adams forehead wrinkled for a moment as the now disinterested woman started to check her nails which were, ironically, painted red. Blink. He put his hand on his shoulder radio mouth piece.

'Uh...Ellis Duban is here?'

Officer Adams was not known for his ability to apply security rules to real life situations, but he did very well during the training class.

Kyle Evans 18 years ago
Kyle woke up with a start, grabbing his chest and shaking violently. He sat up and realized he was on the floor of a metal room. In the center was one metal chair and he woke up next to it. He reached out and put his hand on the chair to help himself up when the memory of what happened to him hit like a mac-truck. He grabbed at his turtle neck and pulled it up, checking his chest. Through the blood smears, his skin looked perfect. He then checked his sweater and poked his fingers through the holes.

Kyle looked down and saw all the blood on him. He was covered with it. Standing slowly he walked to the wall facing the chair which was covered with a huge mirror. The room was identical to something out of a police station. An interrogation room, he thought. Looking at his reflection, he flinched at the sight of all the blood splatters on his face.

It was real. He was shot and damn near died but they put that drug in him. That...eternity. God it was in him now, that vampire's blood. Kyle bent over and threw up again, much to the hilarity of the guards watching him through the one way mirror.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis walked with a deliberate sway as they 'escorted' her to the interrogation room to wait for Hillman. Deeper they walked into the wanna be Domicile, she had decided to call it. Ten sub levels later, they opened a steel door and asked her to wait patiently in the room with the one chair.

Refusing to be touched, Ellis sidestepped the guards and walked confidently into the room. The door slamming behind her resonated deeply and it made her fangs quiver. She had brandished one at a guard named 'Williams' who kept staring at her mouth. Something she did get a lot but he seemed more interested in her fang and looked as if he'd burst at the sight of hers. They always coveted the fangs.

She undid the buttons and strap to her coat and sat down on the metal chair with a flourish. Crossing her legs, she stared into the one way mirror, waiting patiently for her host.
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon emergered from the darkness of the sewar with Carol speaking in his tiny ear piece, directing him to the blind spots along the security perimeter of Hillman's compound. He was a sizable distance from any opening in the building structure. Checking his watch, he noted that the night was pressing on without the clan even being within 100 yards of where they needed to be.

*Simon?* Said a tinny small voice.

Simon snapped out of his reverie and answered Carol.
'I'm sorry, was looking at the layout. No one's here yet but Ellis must be inside. Are you in yet?' They would need access to the security system soon. Alec and Ginnie needed to place the explosives and time was running out, but his concern wasn't for Ellis.

He looked up at the moon as it made its way back down.

They were running out of time and he'd sooner die then further jeopardize the clan anymore than Ellis already had.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol popped her gum, ignoring the fact that it was probably not a little annoying.

'Bah, this fucking system is making our program go tits up.' Funny term, she thought. 'Wouldn't tits up be a good thing? Tits down sounds saggy. Anyway, we're running several other hacks and I'll be in this thing like a prom dress...wait, does that make sense?'

Carol and her team were sitting a half mile away in an abandoned building that was commonly used as a monitoring station for clan hunts. They sat in a semi circle, surrounded by monitors, blinking lights and the whirr of computer drives. She snapped her fingers and pointed towards one of the four Mercs sitting with her. Barking orders at him, she turned back to the monitor. Her monitor split into an eight view camera link up. She couldn't see Simon but knew he was there by the signal his com link was transmitting.

She called out to the orders, 'We SHOULD,' eyeing up the Merc she just yelled at, 'have our link to the compound ready when the rest arrive.' She checked her watch. 'We're on the wrong side of midnight people, let's not wake the neighbors before it's time. Alec, Ginnie...you read me?'
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Chuckling a bit to the banter, Alec nodded uselessly as he hooked on his suction harness and extentions.

What kind of prom dress are we talking here? We copy. Sitting tight until we get the green light. From setup to my access point is a nice leisurely four minute walk. Recon, rigging on one and ready will be approximately six to eight minutes later depending on placement of their assets. Ginnie looks like she's doing something my feeble IQ can't handle, so I'll let her speak for herself.

Glancing back at Ginnie, she was bent over a variety of very dangerous things of varying complexity...things he would shortly be carting about. Smiling, he watched the way her face contorted in concentration as she worked. From the collection of raw materials, Alec knew this place would be coming down in a really big way. Quite the crater.
Ginnie 18 years ago
Ginnie tucked her tongue into the corner of her mouth and set the last wire in the last device. She had twenty hastily made bombs, all messy, but they would do the job, and only go off if hit with a flaming arrow or she pushed her little button

"Copy, Carol. I'm ready as I can be. I need to seal these cases, and pack this shit. And I think you meant in like prom night."

She picked up and aerosol can and began to spray each 2x3 inch device. She liked the deck of cards style and size it was easy for assembly and easily overlooked. When finished she picked up one of two hard-sided black backpacks and put half of them into secure slots then packed the inside with fitted inch thick foam pieces. She handed that bag to Alec and began to fill her own.
Valentine 18 years ago
Arriving and getting her first in person look at the place Val was working on finding a good spot to work from. The M4OA3 had an excellent suppresser on it and the 500-yard perimeter fence was only about half the gun’s maximum range, so she should be able to pick off anyone trying to flee as long as she had a solid spot to set up.

Listening to the back and forth over her earpiece, she made a face at the mention of being on the wrong side of midnight. She hated being rushed and she really disliked the idea of sunrise; seventy odd years as a vampire and it still made her go cold.

Damned waterfront property, there was no good elevation to work from. She’d have to climb to the roof of another building if they wanted her to snipe.

“Just let me know where you want me.”

She was still looking for a likely perch, but thought it would be a good idea to let them know she was there and ready.
Ginnie 18 years ago
Ginnie didn't recognize the voice in her ear, but she figured anyone that was willing to speak up would be an asset.

"Who ever just spoke, come to the van. I have a job for you."

She had charges that needed to be set around the foundation of the building and scattered around the grounds as land mines. These were large bombs that barely had a casing, and were messy to look at but they would make a big bang and that's what mattered.

This would also give her a chance to meet the new member.
Valentine 18 years ago

Speaking up had its advantages, she hoped. ‘I have a job for you.’ Sure, it was vague but with any luck, it would get her involved in the action even a bit sooner. It sure as hell had to be more productive than looking for a perch.

Quickly making her way to the van Val took a second to look about before lightly wrapping on the closed door.
Ginnie 18 years ago
The door swooshed open and Ginnie beckoned the vampire inside. She smiled and pointed to herself then gestured to Alec.

"I'm Ginnie, that's Alec. We're your resident bomb squad."

She moved into the van and picked up a third, still open, hard-sided, backpack. She pulled one of the charges out and waved the woman over.

"Know anything about setting a charge?"
Carol 18 years ago
Carol tried to get a reading on Ellis but without having access to their security system, she might have well have been locked up in a lead box. She considered Simon's silence the entire evening. He must be grappling with issues that she couldn't even comprehend. Her bond with Ellis was nothing but a memory now, but her death, if it happened, would cause such a ripple effect across the city and the Tacharan in the rest of the world that it could very well shake whatever foundation that her mistress had created. Simon would have quite a bit on his hands.

Carol listened to Ginnie and her team ready the bombs. Simon left the specifics of the infiltration up to Carol so she began with the instructions that he had given her earlier.

'Here's the dope. As I said before, the compound is mostly underground. We need to prepare the charges on the outside perimeter but be able to get down to the sub levels. We want it to implode on itself, not blow out. Ginnie, can you do that?'
Ginnie 18 years ago
Ginnie's face split into a grin. Carol's question made her wish she had video taped her last two break-ins.

"Well it won't be nearly as fun, but sure. If that's what you want, that's what I'll do."

She turned back to showing Valentine how to set up the charges, paused looked in Carol's general direction, even though she knew the blonde couldn't see her.

"Are you sure, cause I can make a right pretty 'splosion on the outside and make the underground crumble in on itself. I tell you that there'd be somthin' ta watch." Her voice had taken on a southern twang and she did her best not to giggle. 'Really Ginnie, you ought to be serious. Nobody likes a smart ass right before they go into battle.'
Nova 18 years ago
Nova adjusted all the…crap the mercs seemed to think would be handy…and headed to the dock side of the compound, listening to the exchanges but still feeling oddly quiet herself. The smell of the water was making her feel slightly ill, or at least that was what she was choosing to blame it on.

She was close enough that, on Simon’s order, she could move in. She wasn’t sure of how far she would get, but with any luck she would at least get a look at the lab before the others blew it to smithereens.

Might as well see what the other guys learned before they killed them all. Of course, Nova didn’t really have her hopes up; finding information wasn’t the main priority.

“I’m out back.” She shook her head, watching people go about their work, and muttered under her breath. “They have no idea what’s coming.”
Valentine 18 years ago
It didn’t seem at all odd to smile and exchange intros while preparing to set bombs and destroy things.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Valentine.”

Stepping into the van she took a look at what was set out. Much of it looked familiar. She was better with a gun that a bomb but was not ignorant of explosives

“I know some, mostly car bombs though.”

Listening to the exchange between Ginnie and Carol Val decided that this would be more of a challenge than driving in and blowing up, but more effective too.
Ginnie 18 years ago
"Great! All you do with these is peel off this strip to expose the adhesive and put it as far down on the actual foundation as you can get it. Then you press the green button once, let it beep then press it again. That will prime it to go off when I push my detonator."

She set that back in the backpack and took out a more circular looking explosive. It was dark and ovular so that it would blend into the ground.

"Ok these are land mines. I want you to scatter them on the ground. Listen up every one. If you see a little red blinking light, don't fucking step on it."

She grinned at Valentine. That would suck if one of her people lost a limb or two or their life to her bombs.

"To set these you do the same thing. Press once, let it beep then press again. Make sure the little light starts to blink before you walk away. If it doesn't let me know. Now these guys will go off when I depress a certain series on my detonator. I will explode them last."

She tucked the mine back in the pack and tucked in the two pieces of fitted foam.

"You have fifteen of each device. Space them at three feet intervals around the building. Do not pattern the mines, but cover as much ground as you can with them. Any questions?"

She smiled and gave the pack to Valentine. Hopefully she wouldn't blow herself sky-fucking-high, before the charge was called.
Mathias 18 years ago
Mathias watched the activity in the compound from his spot near the dockside edge of the compound. He mentally ticked off the seconds an dminutes for guard patrol patterns, not wanting any unnecessary surprises.

The comset was perking up with various Tacharan checking in, and so Mathias did likewise.

" This is Mathias, I am dockside,awaiting further orders. "

Watching Hillman's employees go about their night, he almost felt a twinge of sorrow for them. An apocolypse was about to descend upon them and there was nothing they could do to fight it.
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon listened quietly to the others call in their position and ready themselves to enter the compound. 'There's nothing more we can do until Carol gets the link up and we get the signal from Ellis.' Although he wasn't sure if that signal would come. If the guards outside were any indication of how tight security was, this was going to be a challenge for a handful of vampires, but he had faith in his people.

'Carol, you have five minutes before we start picking off guards on the outer ring.'

Simon took his rifle off his back and knelt down, readying himself for long range shots. He was about five hundred yards off and at that range, it would be cake.
Ginnie 18 years ago
Ginnie nodded at Alec and Valentine, before strapping on her pack and checking her guns. She pulled a sniper rifle off the rack. It didn't have a name yet as it was still a proto-type, but the lab and field tests had been spot on and she had been itching to give it a go. Though sniper shots were not her best she could hit a man between the eyes at 500 feet, well usually it was a little to the left and through the eye, but he was dead just the same.

She gave Alec a wink and nod before opening the van door. The Merc that had been standing guard, gave her a nod and climbed inside after the three of them had exited. She just needed to find the right spot for culling her potion of the herd.