Welcome to The Abbatoir

The air about the large, gray structure was chilled as the twlight stars made their appearance. There are barbed wire fences surrounding the parameter as you walk down the gravel pathway. There are young people milling around the dimly lit entrance. Above the door in red neon are the words, "The Abbatoire".

Standing by the door is a handsome man with brown hair and hazel eyes that seemed to be lit from within. With the barest hint of a british accent, he introduces himself.
"My name is Simon." Opening the door he ushers in several people standing in line and lets you in.

A long corridor leads to a red door and a bouncer. You can feel the thumping of soft music. Simon walks in front of you and lets the bouncer open the door. It opens up into a 50x50 landing that overlooks a magnificent pit with colloseum seating. In the pit are several hundred bodies gyrating to the music that is now blaring.

There is a steel platform hanging over the circular pit. There are chains and hooks hanging from them.
"This used to be a slaughterhouse," he pauses to pick at his bottom lip, "although some would say it still is." He trails off down the steps to the left. 2 flights of stairs leading down to the level above the pit. It is crowded with bodies surging and gyrating to the loud music.

'The Abbatoire is clan access only or invited guests. Use your descretion on who your guests are, meaning human familiars or potential clan members. If you choose to bring human here, make sure you can trust them or kill them.'

Simon turns to you and stands close.

'They are here on your name and unwanted guests will reflect poorly on you. Your number one priority will always be to protect the clan.' The tall vampire leans close, making sure he is heard clearly. 'If you act selfishly, you will be disavowed. What happens to you then will no longer be the Clan's concern.' Simon steps back and turns, taking his eyes off you at the very last moment.

Again yelling over his shoulder Simon approaches a door and opens it. 'If you have any questions, this door leads up to the private rooms. That's where you'll always find me. Tread softly newbie and you would be wise to always remember these 4 words. DO NOT GET CAUGHT.'

Simon enters the doorway and slams the steel door behind him.