Anantya Familiar Rules

Familiars are property
And as such are to be treated with the same respect you would show for any other possession in accordance with the Rules of Anantya.

Familiars are a privilege
You do not have the right to a familiar; it is a privilege granted at the mercy of the Elders and one that can also be taken away should either the vampire or the familiar prove irresponsible. You will respect the judgment of your leadership in this, as in all matters.

Familiars are a responsibility
You will keep your familiar under control at all times and you will be held responsible for any rules your familiar breaks. It goes without saying that your familiar will be dealt with should they violate the rules of Anantya. Severely.

Familiars are resources.
While a regular food source is considered sufficient as a reason to keep a familiar, you are encouraged to find a useful human who can aid you, and thus the clan. There will be a reason for your familiar to accompany you onto any clan property or share select knowledge on our kind beyond what is needed to form the familiar bond. A familiar should never impede clan business or cause disruption; you are encouraged to keep your familiar out of sight if they have no specific business on clan property.