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Clan Tacharan Vampires

Simon Huntington - Leader
Absynthe Domnivoy
Alec Devereaux

Clan Tacharan Familiars

Marthinus T. Steyn - CEO of Dubine Industries, Head Familiar (Inactive)
Carol - Executive Secretary and Handler (Companion)
Shalimar O Mannon - Companion of Mathias


Panos Mehalitsenos

Be sure that you have talked to Carol first regarding familiars, the domicile and clan business. Then speak to Simon regarding safe havens and the private club.

Gaia 19 years ago
one lady vampire here )
Panos Mehalitsenos 19 years ago

my dearest greetings
Cynicke Valentin 19 years ago
Cyn present and accounted for.
Jan 19 years ago
ooooh lookie I'm already on the list. *feels special now*
Winter 18 years ago
I have arrived.. now the party may start!
**has brought his own lampshade**
Nova 18 years ago
Ginnie 18 years ago
I'm here...

*tosses a cira 1912 hand grenade to Winter.* Careful where you pull the pin, that's still live.
Winter 18 years ago
**Pulls the pin and tosses it back** Cool, lets see how good it works!
Absynthe Domnivoy 18 years ago
Latest member of the Snow White brigade checking in
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Reporting for duty.
Mathias 18 years ago
I live to serve
Addison 18 years ago
Addison, prematurely reporting for duty
Shay 18 years ago
Guess this is the place?
Alexandra 18 years ago
One lady Vampire signing in *salutes*
Dayle 18 years ago
I'm ready for a bed and a drink, but maybe not in that order. Does anyone have room for a Brit to shack up til she gets on her feet?
Alexandra 18 years ago
You don't snore do you? if not you can crash over at my place (unless you mind half naked vampire ladies running around doing crazy things in the middle of the night since they hardly sleep and are always up and about doing whatever) /giggle
Marc 15 years ago

-Marcallas of Anatolia