Evenhet Survey

I used to run a game where I would come up with questions for people to answer in character. There were a certain number of them and you were allowed only so many (dodges - aka smart assed answers that didn't really say how you felt about a matter.)

Here I think I'll just ask a question, answer as your character would. Try not to dodge too many questions. It does defeat the point. If a smart assed

(Because Evenhet has a lot of those)

answer is the first natural response then put that down but continue to answer the question afterwards.

Ok. First Question.

What superhero do you most identify with?

Alfarinn 17 years ago
For Alfarinn I would have to say Professor X. The mental skills and the worrying about a large number of people sounds familiar.
Aishe 17 years ago
I can't think of a superhero Aishe would be. :/
Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
My first smartassed response was Superman, 'cause he gets to wear his underwear on the outside and who wouldn't wanna do that??

But on second thought, I think Batman is more appropriate. Not only does he get to wear his underoos on the outside, but he likes gadgets and gizmos and has that whole 'strong silent' thing going on.

However, after cheating because I know very little about superheroes, this helpful quiz determined it for me.

Mr Fantastic
Pakpao 17 years ago
OK so we also are ignorant of the super hero cult and were leaning towards Batman as well… that whole randomly moody and neat toys things appealed to her. But in the interest of fairness, there was some quiz hoping involved and Wonder Woman kept popping up over and over (which I might add Pak is NOT happy about… something about sexist and creepy naive … well you get the idea.)

So… after much debate…

Mrs. Peel

Yes, I am aware that the Avengers technically aren’t superheroes but that is as close as I’m going to get with her.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Nic's answer, of course, is that he is all of them...or rather, could easily play all of them, and any of them.

However, we're going with James Bond...he's a super hero, right?

The quiz choice =

Artemis Bellezone 17 years ago
Well, my first reply was Gambit. But I figured that I might have been swayed by Professor X up there. Then there was the mention of Batman. This of course led to the following breakdown.

Family killed by evil psycho
Plays with gadgets
Wears black
Dresses like a bat

Family killed by Sorin
Plays with gadgets
Wears black

So, it was looking pretty much like Batman. Then for the fun of it, I took the quiz. And the results were:

Alfarinn 17 years ago
Alfarinn?!?!??! I don't think so, You're MY sidekick! and anyway I'm not sure you always use your powers for good. *narrows his eyes at Artemis*
Pakpao 17 years ago
Aside from the fact that Batman really isn't a bad choice from Artemis and that if I remember my X-men right Gambit wasn't always good

It is possible that green tights might be a good look for Alfarinn...

And just to be a good girl we took the same quiz everyone else has and came out with a more palatable selection than Wonder Woman...

Is it just me or is it not surprising to see so many X-men types?
Danielle 17 years ago
I am completely clueless when it comes to super heroes . I took the quiz and it came up with:

I think 'capable' is a good way to describe Dani.

I kind of see her as being the chick from the 30s comic books that breezes in with her Chanel suit and fancy hat and says something dramatic like 'Mark my words, Super Man will save the day!'
Theodosia 17 years ago

Hmm, interesting. Isn't Mystique a bad lady?
Artemis Bellezone 17 years ago
If I remember correctly, Mystique would switch sides when it suited her.

And for the record, i now have the Batman theme stuck in my head and am calling Artemis's Delorean the 'Zonemobile'
Alfarinn 17 years ago
Next Question

What cause would your character fight for the hardest?

I'm going to say aside from Clan (assuming anyone was going to say that :X) but since we all love our clan, how about what else we'd fight for.
Aishe 17 years ago

And the right to push big shiny red 'don't push' buttons.
Artemis Bellezone 17 years ago
love, family, friendship.....and to see sorin's head on a platter.

and you are in the wrong clan to be talking about pushing buttons there missy. Don't make me bring out Artemis's buttons of DOOM.
Alfarinn 17 years ago
Such Idealism it makes me all teary eyed *sniff*

Alfarinn can easily get caught up in personal causes, this over worked mother in the Meridian typing pool or a child with cancer that is trying hard to be brave but on a grand scale I would say he would fight for freedom and love in its various forms. There's some other thought that's just not coming out right in my attempts to explain it so I'll just leave it at that.

*Hands the big red button to Pak and waits*
Pakpao 17 years ago
Oh… big red button and the Doom Song… huh… what me?

*Does deer in headlights imitation*

Actually, I can’t seem to get straight answer from her on this question. The best I can manage is… I’ll know it when I see it.

The whole watching Asia fall to colonization made quite the impression on her and so she has a strong sense of freedom and self-determination but even that is a bit on the vague side isn’t it?