Clan Event - All invited and Open

Date: November 20th, Sunday
Participants - All Tacharan
Event Type - Raid
Object - Steal back The Beast

This will be Tacharan's first clan event. All clan members are invited but familiars are being excluded due to the nature of the hunt. I am calling to arms all of my clan members to assist with the retrieval of our property. We go in, we eviscerate the compound and we end this menace. Terrance Hillman is mine.

OOC - Ellis planning her run into the compound. I'd like for all members to participate in this event. Everyone is welcomed to take their own path once we make it into the area. Simon will be leading, Carol will be on tactical communication, Ginne (if you decide to join us, I'll talk with you in pm's) will be heading up our arsenal. The clan will gear up at the Domicile and then make their way there via the sewers.

Ellis will go in first. Simon will keep the clan back, a little longer than is deemed necessary, but something will happen than will trigger the onslaught.

I am open to any and all suggestions regarding situations that happen during the raid. The ultimate goal will be that the compound is destroyed and Ellis, plus her beast, are retrieved. Only one human will survive, that will be Kyle Evans. He is not to be touched. The end result of the raid will involve a massive explosion. /winks at Winter.

I'd really like to see everyone take a part in the raid. I'm not limiting anything anyone wants to try, just that we all make it to the end result and we're out before the explosion is suppose to happen.

Any questions or suggestions, post here


Ginnie 17 years ago
OOc I just want to let you know that I do not get home until Noon (CST) on Sundays due to church. I will participate as soon as I am home.
Winter 17 years ago
i'll be there with bells on....literaly!

my favotite smiley --->
Connie 17 years ago
ooc More than likely will not be able to insert myself into this story, as we are having a new stove delivered.
Mathias 17 years ago
I will be there - with tape for Winter's bells....have you HEARD of stealth man???
Nova 17 years ago
awww HELL yeah! Roar!
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Well I'm figuring this could take longer than just Sunday. We can reschedule it for Friday or Saturday?
Winter 17 years ago
who needs stealth when you have rocket propelled grenades?

ooc: whenever would be fine.. this would be like a clan thread so it wouldnt get in the way of anythihng else..
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ok, I'm asking for approval to do this in Special Events. It'll be tacharan access only but everyone will be able to read. The third post rule applies. Just waiting on the other staff members to chime in.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
I'm off Friday, have afternoon through evening access Saturday and unknown access on Sunday.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
We can do it in the special events so we can leave it open for a couple days so everyone can get in there. We can say, start friday, close it up tuesday? I think it'll be a lot of fun. If we need to keep it open longer, we can.
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Would y'all maybe want to push this out until after thanksgiving? I'm honestly not ready for it to start tomorrow/friday.
Mathias 17 years ago
Works for me
Jan 17 years ago
Absolutely NOT!

Winter 17 years ago
**Stares at Mickey Watch for 15 minutes**
ummm.. Thats like 5 Months away!
Ginnie 17 years ago
Works for me
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Most of Thanksgiving will be a good post day for me, but that weekend I'll be out and about. Since I'll probably be useful only at the beginning anyway, that's all good.
Valentine 17 years ago
I'm all for it... i'm leaving town in about 3 hrs and won't have net access till Tuse and what fun would that be?
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago

Do we have a new ETA for this?
Ellis Duban 17 years ago

Unfortunately no. I just now got my computer at home back and running and I lost a lot of data so my frustration level is HIGH and my desire to write is


So sorry about that y'all. I have to do the thing with the thing in kyle's thread in the back alley and do the pre-raid meeting in the Domicile. When I get it together, I'll run it. It will happen though, just when I don't feel all poopy and stuff.

Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Feel bettah! Just got a might spooked at all of the *crickets*.