About Time

Thaddeus gave a respectful nod to the assembled party, wishing them a good evening and making his way onto the dance floor with Alfarinn. There were fewer people about now; some had apparently decided to take their leave and not return to the party after the car alarm incident while others were simply settling down from the evening.

This would all be over soon; Thaddeus was determined to make the last moments good.

Smiling as they found a reasonably clear spot, he hesistated for half a second before resting his hands lightly on Alfarinn's shoulders, moving to the slow beat of the music.

"I was beginning to wonder if we would get to do this."Â?

Pulling closer and for once completely oblivious to anyone who may or may not have been looking on, he brushed his cheek against Alfarinn's, feeling the light scratch of stubble on his companion's jaw and smiling in contentment.

Alfarinn 15 years ago
Alfarinn smiled and put his hands around his partner's waist.

"You and me both."

He was surprised by the affectionate gesture in part because he was still amazed that his companion was willing to do such a thing in public and also because he wasn't sure Thaddeus would enjoy the unshaven appearance.

"It doesn't bother you then? I was rather wondering about that but as my ancestors were very fond of beards I felt I should at least give it what I could...which is admittedly not much."

He leaned down with a self depreciating smirk, his hair obediently sliding forward to his curtain his expression off from everyone else.

"So which one of us is leading?"
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
Thaddeus moved one hand to trace along his companion’s cheek, tilting his head up to regard Alfarinn with a thoughtful expression.

“I find it quite handsome, and no, it does not bother me in the slightest.”

At Alfarinn’s question, he chuckled softly, blushing a little and wishing he had a convenient curtain of hair to hide behind.

“I haven’t the faintest idea; I was secretly hoping you would know how this is meant to work.”

Realizing that the mirth written all over his face could easily be construed as somewhat silly on his part, he schooled his expression and stood a bit taller.

“I’ll lead.”

Keeping a straight face was something of a lost cause, and Thaddeus decided he didn’t much care if people saw him grinning like a fool. He was the luckiest man in the room, after all; why shouldn’t he smile?
Alfarinn 15 years ago
Alfarinn smiled at Thaddeus and followed his partner's lead.

"So is that handsome as in wear it this way all the time or handsome as in its not so bad that you won't be seen with me in public? "

He found that this was enjoyable and it wasn't as odd as he imagined it would be having someone else lead the dance. Thaddeus was, as he had once claimed, an excellent dancer.

"You are doing a fine job at it."

No doubt they were an interesting sight, a tall blonde Norseman and a slender blonde Englishman in 17th century finery. He still felt they looked fabulous together no matter how different their appearances.
Nova 15 years ago
With one last scowl at her total dork of a brother, Nova pushed ahead and approached the two blondes, though she stayed a reasonable distance away and waited for the song to end.

This was stupid. She was going to look like a total boob. A complete loser. A jackass. A nimwit…dammit, no she wasn’t, she was going to turn right around and…

Face up to Jan?

No, that wouldn’t do. Even so, she had already started to walk away and Jan was sure to be a smug little bastard about it. Thinking quickly, she pulled off her flannel shirt and tossed it at him.

“Hold that. Dorkburger.”

Moving back toward the couple, she waited another second for the song to finish up, then walked right up to Arin Bjorn of all people and spoke, surprised at how loud and clear her voice came out. Maybe a little too loud, in fact, though if it was Nova didn’t notice.


Okay, so far so good.

Shit…he –was- dancing. Clearly he would like to dance.



“With me?”

Alright. You’re nearly there. Oh, right, the pretty blonde boy. Say, they looked sort of alike…

“That guy wants to talk to you,” She said, pointing at her brother. “So…yeah.”

Oh smooooth.

‘Maybe part of the ceiling will cave in on my head.’
Jan 15 years ago
Jan looked at Nova with a smirk as she caught up to him. She was really going to do it... no, wait she was turning around. The whole tough as nails routine brought down by being afraid to ask someone to dance. It was going to terrible work rubbing her nose in it but he'd manage. He'd have to change her morning alarm cd to the waltz, post pictures of dancers through out her lab, mail her 'how to dance' videos, sign her up for dance classes... yep, it would be tough work but someone's got to do it.

Catching the flannel shirt, he raised an eyebrow at the name. This was a model citizen for the 1990's right here. He tossed the shirt on a nearby chair before catching up to his sister.

Listening to her loudly question the man in one sentence said at light speed, Jan looked upward and pleaded silently with the ceiling that she managed to find some better moves. 'No wonder she doesn't date...'

He reached the couple and smiled at them both, looking towards the shorter of the two of them, he said.

"Actually there is something I'd like to say if you don't mind dancing with me a moment."
Alfarinn 15 years ago
The music ended too quickly for his tastes, they had only managed half a dance having started in the middle of this piece and he was about to ask Thaddeus for another when a woman came up to them

Alfarinn blinked a moment taking in what she had said and slowing it down in his head to make a workable sentence out of it. He smiled at her sensing her nervousness and finding it quite nice that she wanted to dance with him enough to be anxious about it.

He looked at Thaddeus a moment and then she indicated another person behind her wanting to speak with his partner. An accomplice? Alfarinn looked over at the person she indicated and found him familiar; it took him a moment because of the different clothes but he finally recognized the kid from the mall.

Listening to the statement the kid gave his companion, Alfarinn felt that perhaps it would be alright to leave Thaddeus in his care. It seemed he was being respectful at the moment and something good might come of it; besides he'd hate to have to turn down someone who got the courage up to ask a stranger to dance.

"I've love to, if that is alright with my companion. Thaddeus?"

He reached out and gently took her hand, with one still on Thaddeus's waist.

((OOC: Sensing Nova with permission ))
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
Thaddeus tilted his head, pretending to consider the question posed.

“Not for the first time, I must say, you can’t lose.”

Moving through the dance was a pleasure all its own and concerns over who would lead and where he was supposed to put his hands were quickly forgotten; he was with his companion and that was all that mattered.

The song ended all too soon, and Thaddeus was about to mention that he could hardly claim to have fulfilled his debt with only half a dance when a woman approached them. She was…interesting…wearing baggy denim and a tee shirt that appeared to have a somewhat crude drawing of Jesus on the front. He wondered vaguely if she were some sort of new age religious type.

He couldn’t help but feel a little sympathetic as she asked Alfarinn to dance; she appeared deeply uncomfortable with being so forward. He could hardly take issue with giving up his partner for a song if Alfarinn was willing and was about to say as much when she added the bit about someone wanting to speak to him.

Looking toward the young man, who was quite pleasantly asking him for a dance, it took him a moment to register the recognition he felt at the sound of his voice.

He was sure if Fate actually existed, she was laughing hysterically about now. It was just too fitting in the scheme of things, that he would come across this particular young man once again. There was, however, no avoiding complying with the request, even as uncomfortable as the thought made him. After all, the fact that he was unnerved was his own fault for being rude. Well, and there was the general matter of not liking to touch people he didn’t know. Or have them touching him. And he still didn’t quite have the rules of dancing with another man exactly figured out.

He smiled, a little weakly.


He ran his hand up Alfarinn’s back a little ways before stepping away and toward the young man, bracing himself for whatever it was he had to say and knowing he likely had it coming, whatever it was. He started to offer his arm…then realized that probably was not what one did in such situations.

“Shall we, then?”
Nova 15 years ago
Nova was gearing up for her exit when Arin took her hand.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod hetouchedmyhand!

He wants to dance with you. He said yes.

Move, stupid!

She was, by this point, already about five feet off the ground and they hadn’t even started dancing yet. She vaguely registered that this Thaddeus fellow was willing enough to go off with Jan, and while she was mildly curious about what her brother might have to say to the pretty blonde…okay, actually she didn’t really care that much. She was about to dance with Arin fucking Bjorn.

After a final mental reminder not to blurt out anything stupid, she rested her hand on Arin’s shoulder, keeping the other clasped in the tall blonde’s hand. Flashing him a toothy grin, she even started to relax a little bit. Maybe asking was the hardest part.

“I’m Nova by the way.” God, shut up, he doesn’t care. “Er…I sorta know who you are already. Not that…um…that sounded wrong…you’re in the news and stuff…”

Okay, maybe asking wasn’t the hardest part.

“So…hi, Mr. Bjorn. And thanks for dancing with me…I guess you probably get asked a lot.”

She was definitely going to make herself sound a whole lot cooler when she posted on the message boards.
Jan 15 years ago
Jan smiled and linked his arm with the one Arin called Thaddeus.

"Thank you."

He would guess Thaddeus was normally only an inch taller than himself but the short heels the blonde wore added to his height making him a pleasant tilt of his head to glance up at.

"I suppose you're wondering why I'd come over here and bother you when you looked to be having a good time."

He steered them away from the other two just slightly then remembered Nova heard things all too well; though from the looks of it she probably was too busy to pay attention. Still he leaned into Thaddeus and asked a rather odd question.

"You wouldn't happen to speak Latin would you? Or French or German? Any of those will do. My sister has incredible hearing. "

It was possible that Arin's friend was simply human, Evenhet were known to hang around with them more than anyone else but the costume was correct and authentic and seemed to be worn by a person who was comfortable in it. He'd certainly enjoyed the fashion better than his own time. Even if he were a human it was still possible he learned a second language or two in the short time he'd been alive.

He turned and put one hand on Thaddeus's shoulder and placed his other hand in his dance partner's.

"You lead, by the way, you're taller. I'm used to it."

Jan shrugged slightly and grinned, waiting for the next piece to begin.
Alfarinn 15 years ago
Alfarinn smiled and turned towards his new partner. He hoped Thaddeus didn't mind too terribly much hopefully they would get the chance for another before the night was out.

[Thank you for being patient. It really seems to mean a lot to her.]

Which surprised him somewhat for someone here but being in the media did make a person more glamorous than they actually were. Placing his other arm around to the small of her back, he led them in the next piece of music.

"Its a pleasure to meet you, Nova. I've got to say. I'm pretty sure I have that same tee shirt somewhere at home. They were an awesome band. "

He smiled down at her and blushed slightly.

"Not as often as I'd like actually, thank you for helping me out with that. So when you're not dancing what do you do?"
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
Thaddeus joined Jan in walking a few feet away from Alfarinn and the red headed woman, though he turned and looked over his shoulder once.

[It is no trouble at all, my love.]

Did her shirt say what he thought it said? How...disturbing. And sad. He certainly hoped it wasn't true. And they were brother and sister? Thaddeus was skeptical on them being related in the human sense and while he was not fixed on jumping to conclusions the clothing and the amount of languages the young...looking...man...spoke certainly pointed to him being one of Thaddeus's own kind.

He raised one eyebrow at the comment, considering it rhetorical, and nodded his head at the question, answering in Latin.

"I do. And wondering would be one way of describing it."Â?

Deciding that 'wondering' was slightly better than 'gradually turning into an anticipatory wreck', he allowed that to stand and did his best to stay calm. The young man had been nothing but gracious so far and there was no reason to allow his mind to make this more difficult as he would have enough to deal with just remembering how to dance properly and not be completely jumpy about the close proximity of someone who was likely not particularly fond of him.

He briefly considered the idea of getting some sort of book that explained the rules for dancing in this day and age but was admittedly relieved that at least one of them knew what they were doing. Still somewhat unsure of himself, he looked down at his hand as though it might hold the answers before placing it on his dancing partner's waist and trying his best to wipe the uncertain expression off his face. He was glad enough to lead, though he made a mental note that there seemed to be a height rule involved in the decision making, and he began as the music started.

"Thaddeus Grey at your service, as an aside. You had something you wished to say?"Â?

He actually made an attempt to return the smile, though he wasn't sure he had fared well in that respect and was mostly grateful that at least his feet remembered their way on the dance floor.
Nova 15 years ago
Nova positively lit up at the comment about her tee shirt, pleased at the thought that Arin might have the same one. Well, not the exact same one, because she sure as hell wouldn’t have washed it…ever…if it were, but still!

“Nice to meet you too. I was mostly going for historical accuracy but I really did enjoy Nirvana while it lasted.”

Letting him lead the way, she did her best to keep up and prayed she wouldn’t trip or step on his feet or anything…she wasn’t a total klutz but being nervous offered her even less grace than usual and she frankly thought it was a small miracle that she hadn’t done something monumentally embarrassing. Other than that pesky thing that happened every time she opened her mouth, at any rate.

She found it hard to believe Arin hadn’t been pestered all night for one dance after another, though at her partner’s freaking adorably shy expression she suspected he was being honest.

Hmm. Go figure. Some people just had no balls at all. –She- certainly wasn’t stupid enough to miss an opportunity to dance with Arin.

Nope. Not her.

Grinning at the mention of work, she immediately warmed up to the conversation.

“I’m a biochemist and do research and development for Duibne. Spend most of my time in the company of computers and lab rats so it’s nice to get out and do things like this once in a while.”
Jan 15 years ago
Jan grinned when it appeared that Thaddeus spoke Latin, of all things, quite well.

"Oh good. Yes, right."

He set his jaw and looked at the ceiling for a moment. 'you'd think a person who was more than willing to run naked through the ballroom on a whim and a moment's notice would have no troubles saying a few simple words. Hell, they weren't even in English to be used as evidence against you.'

"Firstly there is my sister who seems to have a bit of crush on your friend. I figure she would not have asked him to dance without some help. It seems to be making her happy and she is part of the only family I have."

Jan shrugged slightly looking over at Nova dancing with a grin on her face. Turning back to Thaddeus, he said.

"And I wanted to apologize for the situation in the mall. It did get a bit out of hand I think. If it means anything to you. I did mean what I said as a compliment... at least the first part. As for any of the other. Mind if I plead insanity? "

He looked at Thaddeus evenly; the blonde could accept his apology or not, at this point he'd understand either way.

"It is a pleasure to meet you.. again then, Thaddeus. Johannes Jager, though I prefer Jan."
Alfarinn 15 years ago
Alfarinn reminded himself not to stop when she mentioned Duibne. A research scientist no less. He wondered whether he was looking at a young vampire or a familiar. Certainly someone in that line of work for Duibne, that kind of security access would be one of the two.

"Wow that's awesome. I don't have the head for science really. Its a shame considering Meridian has nice technical fields. I like history though and gawking at what the scientists come up with. So you wouldn't happen to be the scientist who created post it notes would you? I'm not sure if that person should be thanked or shot."

He hoped being with someone so tall wasn't a problem for her, he had to remember to take smaller steps so that she wasn't taking giant leaps backwards but he'd been schooled early on to take into account that not everyone had such long strides.

" You know its funny you mention Duibne. I just saw Simon and Ellis; Simon is a friend of mine. Very cool guy. I'm guessing you know him probably better than I do though."

He frowned slightly at the thought of Simon; the man looked distracted and that was no way to be considering the things he had to deal with. Remembering himself, he looked up at Nova and grinned.
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
Thaddeus guided their movements on the dance floor, shoulders somewhat tense as he waited for the young man to speak his piece. Nodding in understanding, he remained quiet as it seemed there was more to be said.

He found he rather wanted to laugh in relief at the gentleman’s next statement, though that just might make him appear slightly insane. He hardly understood what he had been so wound up about.

His smile this time was a good deal more genuine.

”Only if I am allowed the same benefit, both in apologies and in claiming insanity. Things were…close to the surface for reasons that had nothing to do with you and I apologize for taking matters out on you and your friend.”

Apologies were something that occurred quite rarely for Thaddeus, though he maintained it was not the result of an inability to admit when he was wrong; quite the contrary, in fact. He simply did not often request absolution, preferring to earn it in some way rather than asking for it. In this case it made more sense to move forward, however, and it seemed that was what both parties desired from the conversation.

”Very well then, Jan. A pleasure.”

Considering his words for a moment, he added:

”Your sister seems to be quite an engaging woman. Lest you feel mislead, though…” He found he was biting his lower lip and stopped immediately, wondering what had gotten into him. ”Arin and I are involved.”

He rather hoped their truce would not quickly be broken at that statement; knowing something about family himself, he could understand Jan being protective of his sister and quite possibly annoyed at the idea that she had been led on in some way. That had certainly not been anyone’s intention but brothers would be brothers, after all, and people could come to very different understandings about just what a dance might mean.
Jan 15 years ago
Jan nodded.

"It is a deal then."

He wondered what made the blonde tense but Jan was sure whatever it was had not been helped by several guys offering their opinions on his looks and behavior. Everyone had bad days, he'd certainly had his share and then some and comments could easily go awry when sarcasm was involved, which with Jan was almost always.

"The sister is Nova."

He chuckled at Thaddeus's next statement and smiled at him.

"Yeah, I rather gathered that from watching you two. Plus it would have been hard to miss the look on Arin's face in the mall. Bit obvious he was taken with you then. Still I don't think she wants a date so much as a crush, you know, someone to think is charming and handsome. If this is the only time she sees him well then it will be a good thing to remember. "

In other words, he had absolutely no intention of mentioning it unless she specifically asked him and made him swear on his mother's grave... no, probably not even then.
Nova 15 years ago
Nova lifted her chin, finding herself standing up a bit straighter as the dance continued, holding her head a bit higher. It was one thing to get to dance with the most eligible bachelor in Nachton…but to find out he was actually a really decent guy on top of that was beyond cool.

“Everyone has their own smarts I would guess; hell, you run a company, I could never do that. Though I agree, history can be a fascinating subject; standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.”

Of course, Nova had the unique privilege of being able to continue in a line of work for however long it took to see it through rather than hoping someone else built on her discoveries after she died, but understanding her predecessors was still important.

“Hey, yeah, Simon is a great guy. He’s the one who brought me into the fold, actually.”

While she had half a mind to blurt out something along the lines of ‘dude, that’s my dad!’ she knew that publicly claiming Jan was her brother was apt to raise eyebrows and claiming Simon was her father would be pushing it, considering she looked like she could be older than the guy.

“Neat that you guys are friends…”

Noticing the frown that crossed Arin’s features, she wondered what was wrong. Simon could definitely be on the gloomy side and perhaps Arin was simply remembering that? Suddenly self conscious and a bit disarmed by her partner’s smile, she managed to miss the next step and landed squarely on Arin’s foot, stumbling into him a bit.

“Oh, jeez, you okay?”

Red as a beet and trying to right herself, she suddenly realized where her right hand, which she had thrown out a ways to help her balance, had ended up.

Oh. My. God. He’s going to think I’m copping a feel.

Hell. I –am- copping a feel.

Moving her hand up away from Arin’s hip and back to his shoulder, she tried to stutter something coherent.

“Sorry…’bout that…didn’t mean…tripped…two left feet…”
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
Thaddeus nodded his head, assuming that Nova was literally Jan’s sister’s name though the fact that they were speaking Latin might muddle the issue.

”A unique name.”

He had the grace to blush at Jan’s next comment, finding himself looking down at the floor for a moment before remembering himself.

”Oh. Yes…I suppose we are rather transparent in that respect.”

He noticed, however, that Jan had mentioned Alfarinn being taken with him and not the other way around, and found himself wondering how they were perceived. Alfarinn had a way of seeming so at ease when around others, perfectly willing to take his hand and declare to anyone, even the leaders of Tacharan, that he was proud to be with him, and while Thaddeus felt the same way he sometimes thought that perhaps he didn’t show it well.

Nodding in agreement with Jan’s explanation of Nova, he smiled once more.

”I believe I can understand that.”

The music died down as the song came to a close, and he stepped back, releasing Jan’s hand but linking their arms as Jan had done before.

”Thank you for the dance. Shall we see how Arin and Nova are faring?”
Alfarinn 15 years ago
Alfarinn smiled and moved them out of the way of an enthusiastic couple on the dance floor.

"Oh, well then I guess you'd know him quite well then. "

The way she termed it made him wonder, was she a vampire? Wearing a Nirvana tee shirt would make her a young one if she were one. He supposed that made a certain sort of sense, most of the humans seemed to be picking their favorite times out of the distant past in order to wear something totally different. The 90's look could still pass without too many people staring at you like you've lost your mind. 'Brought her into the fold though..." that sounded like Simon made her if he was assuming right but then he was jumping to conclusions based on words. There were a lot of vampires here, more than most ever in one place at a time but certainly not everyone was.

Alfarinn made a mental note to ask Simon about her. He thought it would be nice if she were his child, she seemed like a cool person to know. It was then that he realized he was frowning thoughtfully and looked up, and it as then she stepped on his foot.

"Oh no, I'm ok. I was just thinking Simon looked a little distant tonight is all and I wondered if something was on his mind."

He then noticed her hand and blushed a deep red. He hoped Thaddeus hadn't seen though it was certain to have looked like an accident; Alfarinn just didn't want his companion to feel awkward... or Nova either for that matter.

"Hey don't worry about it. "

The music had stopped somewhere while they were talking and Alfarinn looked at Nova. He couldn't let such a dance end on an odd note for her and be something she regretted doing later on.

With a mischievous grin that most people who knew him knew to take as a warning, Alfarinn bent down and scooped Nova up off the dance floor.

"There, that should cover any worries either of us should have. Though I think you were doing fine and its not like I don't stumble over them myself from time to time."

He carried Nova over to where Thaddeus and his dark haired dance partner were standing and set her down.

"Thaddeus, meet Nova, Nova this is Thaddeus. "

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