Evenhet Familiar Rules

Rules for Familiars

We, Evenhet, promote cooperation between our two species but we also require that responsibility be taken on both parts.

Rule One A human will not be made a familiar without their consent. We do not tolerate the abuse of our abilities upon human kind.

Rule Two A vampire will be held accountable for the actions of their familiars. If a familiar behaves recklessly then both will be punished.

Rule Three The bond of familiar and vampire is an agreement between them, the details of that agreement should not be broken by either party.

Rule Four Familiars attached to other vampires should not be dealt with in any way that could be considered an intrusion upon that union. This applies to Evenhet familiars and those outside the clan as well.

Rule Five Familiars should be introduced to city elders and put on the Evenhet registry along with the name of the vampire they united with.

Rule Six Familiars are responsible for their actions and information about Evenhet and vampires in general should be kept secret. Should it be found out that a familiar has been reckless with that kind of information then both the familiar and the vampire will be punished accordingly.

Rule Seven Unregistered familiars will be dealt with on a case by case basis but the vampire responsible will be punished.

((OOC: Evenhet is more giving in the manner of having familiars compared to other clans. However a vampire may not abuse the right to have them, nor will vampire players be allowed very many of them so there will be no households full of familiars, several is a gracious plenty. They should all be registered with the Clan by posting their names in the human section of the clan forums.

Registering the familiar requires both the vampire and the familiar to speak to MARI giving her their consent to the vampire/familiar union and allowing her to place it on the Evenhet Roster. ))