Evenhet Event Idea

Basically my brain hasn't come up with anything cool at the moment but I thought I would throw out the possibility of a clan centered event that would take place here in this forum. Sort of help those in Evenhet get to know their fellow clan mates.

We seem to meet Tacharan and Anantya more than each other. *boggle*

If anyone has an idea they'd like to throw out there. I'm all for hearing it.

Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
Aishe's access is a little messed up but I believe she would like a large red 'don't push this' button to be involved somehow.

/smiles innocently.
Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
And who the heck made my title 'Food?'

/snorts a la Ellis

Very funny!
Alfarinn 17 years ago
Actually that is the standard title for someone with under 50 posts I believe. I also noticed Danielle had the title food and as my familiar I found it somewhat amusing.

Will look into Aishe's access and see what I can do.

Big red button... gotcha.
Aishe 17 years ago
Seriously, I'm trying to think of something entertaining as a clan event but my "totally lame" lever seems to be stuck on 'full speed ahead' today.
Kem`Raaisu 16 years ago
/snerk... after much pm-ing, Pak and I seem to have stumbled upon (no pun intended) the Evenhet Roller Derby.


Come on, it's got potential!
Pakpao 16 years ago
*nodds enthusiastically*

You know you want to...
Kem`Raaisu 16 years ago
There's got to be a skating rink in town somewhere. Fire up the disco ball! And where are my bell bottoms?!
Pakpao 16 years ago
If Tàcharan gets to blow things up I don't see what harm we can possibly do with roller skates...
Kem`Raaisu 16 years ago
None whatsoever! What could possibly go wrong (tm)?
Alfarinn 16 years ago
You people are sick!
Fiona 16 years ago
you just noticed???
Pakpao 16 years ago
But you're both one of us...
Fiona 16 years ago
I never said I wasn't sick ~ i know better!!!
Pakpao 16 years ago
woo hoo! embrace the sickness! bravo!
Kem`Raaisu 16 years ago
Roller derby = sick?

We've not yet begun to be sick. I'm going shopping for a new pair of skates. Vampires on wheels, it's just too much. How can you not endorse it?

What other fun activities can we come up with for Evenhet? Aside from roller derbies? We've already decided the Evenhet dance contest would be a bust because no one can beat Artemis.

How about Evenhet bowling? Not as much fun as a roller derby. Maybe... hmm. Bungee jumping? Vampires with elastic could be fun!

Help me out here!
Alfarinn 16 years ago
No no the sickness seems to have started with the younger generation. Artemis and I are above the sickness.. our actions are completely sane.

If this goes into vampires in latex then I will know you are not only sick but twisted.
Fiona 16 years ago
I'm afraid to ask where we would be bungie jumping from ~ the top of the towers?

And what's so twisted about Latex?
Kem`Raaisu 16 years ago
That's it. Evenhet TWISTER!

And what do you mean, younger generation? Artie there has a grand total of what... 15 years on me? And he's just as sick. He's just cruising under the radar at the moment. :P
Pakpao 16 years ago
Don't be blaming this on the youner generation. I mantain Pak was sane until she got here.

What if we let you wear the cape Alfarinn? I'm sure we could find a nice one.

Bowling is out, too many telekinetics.

I’m not digging the bungee jumping, maybe base-jumping. That looks entertaining. There has to be something or we’ll wind up playing Trivial Pursuit and we are better than that.

Oh! Twister does have posiblities...
Aishe 16 years ago
I think just having to say the words 'bungee jumping' has caused Kem to curl up in a fetal position and suck his thumb. Too many heights involved.

I'm all for it though!