Dinner and Dancing ((Open)

Meegan had allowed Aron to help her off with her coat and check it in the small cloak room. They had made their way in and she took a moment to let her eyes adjust to all the different costumes and colors. Her left hand was curled around Aron's arm and her right was entwined with Rachyl's.

This would be her first event in Nachton. She'd never bothered to attend anything before as she could avoid them with soirees given by people she knew out of town. They had enjoyed small talk and wine before dinner was announced. They took a table for six, leaving three seats open. She hoped someone she knew would join them, and help her feel just that much less socially inept.

Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
Aron took a sip of his wine and studied the costumes. A very young woman in what appeared to be a chinese silk dress caught his attention. With this many people, it was hard to single anyone out, but she felt..."odd" non the less. Something told him that he should pay more attention to that one. Appearances could be deceptive, here more than most places.

"A masquerade of false appearances, but all that stands between illusion and reality on the night of darkness, is perception"

It was only when he noticed the others reaction that he realized he had just spoken Mays words out loud.
Rachyl 17 years ago
"Sounds to me like you described Halloween pretty succinctly, Aron."

Of course, the strange tone of his voice was a bit odd, but then again, the man was a vampire - no, is a vampire - so maybe he takes a bit differently to the holiday than... "normal" people.
Meegan 17 years ago
"It sounds like life in general." She sipped from the glass of wine before her. Maybe she shouldn't have come. Nerves were not something she enjoyed feeling, and hers were making her hand shake a bit.
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra was overwhelmed by the pageantry of the evening. So many costumes and beautiful people. What a fun way to celebrate the holiday, a historical romp more than a gorey one. Even if they were pretending to be vampires they were at least, mostly, historical ones. Though she did spot some 'grunge' at one table.

The pleasant surprise of seeing several people she knew had her grinning. Glancing over at her companion, who had picked up a glass from a passing waiter.
"I see Rachyl, Meegan and Aron. Would it be ok if we joined them? I would love to introduce you to them."

She realized that Connie may not immediately place where Nyra had met these people since they had not made it to the gallery opening. "I met Rachyl and Aron at the Mall, the same incident that I met Serena at. And a short time later I bumped into Rachyl with Meegan in the Arch Museum."

((Connie picking up the glass done by permission.))
Connie 17 years ago
Connie hadn't even had a chance to discern the contents of her glass before Nyra had her moving along to meet a few new people.

She remembered Nyra mentioning Rachyl, but not Meegan.

They looked like a lovely trio. Briefly wondering what their story was, she allowed Nyra to "drag her" over to be introduced.
Nyra 17 years ago
Somehow she never pulled off elegant, but it didn't seem to bother the artist much. She stopped in front of the trio and grinned widely.

"Good evening you three! I was so happy to see you all here. First friendly faces I could discern though the costumes."

With an arm around Connie's waist, Nyra began introducing them. "Connie this is Rachyl, Aron Swiftwood and Meegan Masters. This is my very close friend Connie Stone."

She took a quick look around. "Isn't this fabulous. The creativity of some people here is just amazing! Including you three. How beautiful you all look."
Connie 17 years ago
Connie shook hands all around as she was introduced. Raising her eyebrows inquisitively at Rachyl, she said, "I know occasionally Nyra has a penchant for forgetting names." With a caring glance at the artist, she continued, "But is it Rachyl just-Rachyl, like Prince or Madonna, or...?"

She ended the comment on an upnote, indicating the question. Such lovely women, and the man wasn't too bad either, even if he didn't look quite comfortable in his period piece.

Nodding her agreement, glad for the pins holding the cap to her head, she stated,
"Nyra's quite correct, you all look lovely. I think I might have to chat with you all for a little while, since dancing's not quite my thing."
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra blushed for a moment and then shrugged. "I got two out of three, dear. I thought that was pretty darn good."

Enjoying the lovely sights and sounds pleased the artist, but she had been hoping to dance just once maybe. Looking up at Connie, her eyes wide and sad, she tried to make sure her lower lip did not tremble. "No dancing?"
Connie 17 years ago
"Well damn."

Connie had so been hoping to be able to explain at least some of her situation to Nyra, but between the art gallery, their subsequent rendezvous, and the sudden arrival of the Halloween Ball and their own Party...

It just hadn't come up yet.

And Connie wanted to find a nice, hard brick wall upon which to smack her forehead.

She looked at the three new folks she'd just met and realized the situation was dire. Puppy dog eyes from Nyra... she hadn't expected to meet their formidable power so soon.

Taking the artist's hand in hers, she said,
"Excuse us a moment please?" and escorted her a few feet away.

"I really, really, really would love to dance with you, to have your loveliness against me on that dance floor, but, well, I've had some bad experiences with dancing. The last costume ball I went to I nearly got two people killed and one gentleman went home with a broken leg. I'm so bad at dancing..." She sighed, her head low but eyes looking at Nyra, apology and regret painfully obvious in her voice. "I can't even describe how bad I am."
Nyra 17 years ago
Listening to her lovers tale made the artist very sorry she had pouted. How horrible, to go to a party and feel (or be) responsible for another getting hurt. Disregarding the ball swirling around them Nyra hugged the taller woman too her tightly.

"Oh hon, I'm so sorry. We don't have to dance. Its quite ok. Though I am sure your not nearly as bad as you think."

She placed a tender kiss upon Connie's lips. "I should not have pouted, that was very inconsiderate of me. Forgive me?"
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan had opened her mouth to answer when the two women walked away.

"Well that was decidedly odd." She said to no one in particular. She watched them for a moment then returned her attention to the salad and soup placed before her.

((sorry about that))
Connie 17 years ago
Connie leaned briefly into the kiss. "I forgive you for the pout, but those puppy dog eyes..."

She feigned a shudder. "Those puppy dog eyes could move worlds, create life or bring ruin!"

When they returned to the table, Connie apologized. "I do apologize, but I needed to explain something painful to Nyra. I am very pleased to meet you, Meegan, Rachyl, Aron." She extended her hand to each.
Rachyl 17 years ago
Slipping the gloves from her hands, Rachyl shook Connie's when she returned to the table with Nyra. She had caught the tail end of their brief conversation - or rather, the embrace.

And she was surprised. Happy, but surprised.
"It's quite alright, Connie. Everyone has varied talents, and I'm sure you more than make up for that one small thing."

Turning to Nyra, she commented, "I'm terribly sorry we weren't able to attend your Gallery opening. We had some..." She glanced at Meegan and Aron. "Some le-gistical issues that at the time seemed insurmountable."
Connie 17 years ago
"'m sure you more than make up for that one small thing." Rachyl had said.

Had she seen them embrace? Connie was curious, but didn't really care. They weren't hiding anything.

Inclining her head at Rachyl, she smiled.
"Thank you, Rachyl, I like to think so. I'm pretty good with numbers and I'm darned good at cleaning the kitchen!"

Giggling, she tilted her head. "Le-gistical? Is that actually a word?" Pondering a moment, she said, "Legal-logistical?"
Meegan 17 years ago
"A pleasure to meet you Connie." She shook the woman's hand, and smiled as she turned to Nyra.

"It's great to see you again. I was rather disappointed to miss your opening. I'm hoping that I can get to the Gallery before your show is over. I would like to purchase a few gifts from your collection."

Meegan returned to her seat, her left hand slipping onto Aron's thigh. She still felt entirely out of place, but a familiar face had helped reassure her a bit, touching Aron went even further.
Nyra 17 years ago
"So sorry about that, I should really act my age in public." Nyra apologized for her childish pouting to the group.

"Would you three mind if we joined you? Its so much more comforting to have familiar faces about. I feel quite lost in this great sea even if it is immensely beautiful."

Her smile was open and happy to have found friends. The food looked interesting, though she feared a special meal for her would be required.

"The Gallery should have my paintings for quite a long time. I am extending my stay and Ramsey's has signed a contract to carry my work for the next year. Please do stop by, and if you don't see anything you like I will gladly paint or sculpt you something custom."
Meegan 17 years ago
"Yes, yes, please join us."

Meegan indicated the empty seats across from her and next to Rachyl. She would enjoy the company of these women most emensly.

"I'm glad that you are staying in our fair city. I will make it a point to get into the gallery this week so that if I do not find something to suit my fancy you will have plenty of time before Christmas."

She smiled brightly at Nyra, before sipping from her wine.
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra took the seat next to Rachyl that Connie had pulled out for her. Thankfully a waiter hovered nearby to seat her date. Once he was finished, Nyra quietly conferred with him about vegan options. The standard fare was just impossible for her to have as it contained dairy. The man had several good options though and after setting down the soups for them, he ventured out to the kitchen to discuss her meal with the chef.

With an apologetic shrug the artist returned her attention to her table companions.

"Thank you. I am so happy to be here as well. Though, I cannot believe how swiftly time flies. The other day I saw Christmas decorations in the grocery store! It will be upon us before we know it." Briefly she shook her head at the commercialism of holidays.

As a kimono clad person walked in, Nyra exclaimed in delight.
"I simply cannot get over how creative so many people are. The costumes are beautiful and almost all unique. What a great tradition this is."
Connie 17 years ago
Turning to Nyra, Connie deadpanned, "Didn't you hear? Retailers are lobbying to have Christmas moved to May so there's more spaced out holiday shopping to be done!"
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
" A pleasure to meet you both" Aron said with a smile. "It's been far too long Nyra"
He put his hand on top of Meegans, and smiled to her reassuringly. Her touch made him wish they were somewhere else entirely, it almost scared him how little self control he had around her.

[Worry not love, here no harm will come to us. Just remember that you are the most beautiful woman here, and that everyone here knows it]