• Birth Name: Amberelle De'Espionne
  • Aliases: Amber, Amby
  • Real Age: 45
  • Apparent Age: 18
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5 foot 10 inches
  • Weight: like she would ever tell
  • Body Type: Athletic, curvy
  • Eye Color: Golden amber
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Length & Style: Waist length, sun kissed (natural balayage)
  • Skin Color: golden tanned
  • Nationality: American

Abilities & Flaws
Cosmetic Traits

There is a very subtle/faint bullet wound scar on her lower back. Only noticeable if you know what to look for.

Quirks & Habits

NOTE - Amber was created with special allowances because her sire was an ancient (and because she was an original member of the board) and has three abilities despite her youth - shapeshifting (feline), savage servant and agility Amberelle can growl when annoyed/angered. Her eyes often morph to a more feline nature

Character Personality

Amberelle is always trying to appear sweet, shy, kind, and warm but she has a will of steel and a stubborn streak. There's also a wild thrill-seeking and aggressive side that she's always fought against but recently is letting out more. Holding back her opinions while observing those around her to get the read of the room first is more of a learned survival skill that's bled into her personality over time.

Appearance to Strangers

Amberelle is always dressed well. Even in ripped up old jeans and a t-shirt those are most likely designer and cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But she isn't flashy (usually) and appears kind, warm and approachable.


Fashion, shopping, luxury items. Dancing - it's her core passion and release. Cooking is a stress reliever and fall back comfort.


Being manipulated. Liars. Being dirty.


1. Never-ending life without purpose. But also without the RIGHT purpose. What that is she has no clue of yet. 2. Losing who she is and becoming the callous, calculating killer Gustav tried to make her. She is trying to find her way back to herself now. 3. Being completely cut off from her family. She came to Nachton alone once and struggled to find her way cut off from them. Now, especially after losing several so important to her, she is terrified of losing them all and being left alone.

Strenths & Weaknesses

Strenghts: Amberelle is beautiful, intelligent, educated, skilled in everything from language and social graces to martial arts, espionage and assassination. She was always warm and friendly so people genuinely respond to her in a positive way. Weakness: A lifetime of mistreatment and manipulation makes it hard for her to trust others. She desperately wants friends but is plagued by the idea she is being manipulated or controlled. Her dual nature (as a shapeshifter to an animal form) makes her feel like there is literally something inside trying to get out and her human instincts can war with more feral ones so she reacts aggressively or violently... something only enhanced by her trainings. It borders on a split personality at times and a mental break isn't out of the realm of possibility. Amberelle has a weakness for buying finer things and nicer luxuries. Money was never really a problem and Gustav always wanted to appear perfect, successful, and affluent so she's inherited his flashier ways. Well, flashy but still being old-world and elegantly classy.

Hobbies & Skills

Dance in all forms - ballet, ballroom, swing, hip hop, etc She loves James Bond and collects movies and memorabilia. Hell her preferred car is an Aston Martin. Cooking and baking are a hobby. She grew up in a culinary cornucopia filled with rich food culture and history so she loves taking classes and experimenting. And, she loves baking sweets for the younger generation of De'Espionnes.

Creator Description

Gustav DeEspionne - deceased.

Personal History

Expanding on her original posted origins: The end of her brief respite from the real world came in the midst of a winter traffic jam. Amberelle was on a mission to retrieve hot chocolate for herself and a fellow grid-locked driver (after all it was the most wonderful time of the year and the season of giving) when she heard a voice call out from a similarly traffic-jammed limo that literally froze her in her tracks. The devil had come calling and wanted his toys back. The Command in his voice allowed no escape and the blonde had found herself back in New Orleans less than a day later. And, this time Gustav left no room for misinterpretation of his expectations. Commands were implanted that made leaving against his will impossible. Not that Amby would have with the additional threats that were laid down against the soon-to-be newest members of the De'Espionne clan - her brother's wife was nearly 8 months pregnant. Retribution for her audacious move to Nachton had been never-ending, as torture has many forms. Physical, emotional, psychological... when you had a psychopathic, narcissistic sire who was multiple millennia old he was capable of so much more than even someone as jaded as she could imagine. But, her twin niece and nephew were bright spots as were the children several of her other cousins would have through the years. Of course, this next generation was being raised in their parents' footsteps for service to the Clan and family business, and Amberelle wasn't the only one who secretly longed for a more normal life. Freedom is an idea that takes root and the tighter the leash, the heavier the lash... the more fertile the soil. In the end, it was a case of being careful what you wish for. The cost can be higher than you want to pay... Gustav was killed in an explosion at one of the family business' dockside warehouses. But, along with him her brother Cavalier, several cousins, and cousins-in-law as well perished. Their strings were cut and after the initial turmoil and shock Amberelle wanted to be anywhere but New Orleans. She tried in vain to get her sister-in-law to agree to move and even though it left her guilty to go without them she finally, reluctantly, conceded that she and Amby's niece and nephew should stay with their "Grandmother" Elise and the majority of the remaining De'Espionne family - for now. Two cousins, Celeste and Chandra, also wanted to be anywhere but home now so the three women spent several months traveling in Europe, mainly Prague and Paris, wrapping up final affairs for Gustav's last assumed identity. With that complete, they settled on Nachton as a good place to settle for a while. Proximity to the Anantya Council and the city's famous never-ending night-time culture seemed good enough reasons for now.